Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Monaco GP Edition – WTF1

Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Monaco GP Edition

Fans of the WTF1 Podcast will know all about ABCDEF1. After the race, the team give their rankings for each driver, but we also want to hear from YOU!

Submit your grading using the poll vote below, with A* being the best and F being the worst. Tune in to the WTF1 Podcast to see if you agree with Matt, Tommy and Katy!

Let’s begin.

6 thoughts on “Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Monaco GP Edition

  • Ferrari looks like a team who is no longer able to fight in tough situations, probably because they’re no longer use to it.

    I’ve read a very interesting comment from allalongtheracetrack on this.

  • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

    Clearly an unpopular opinion, but I gave Checo an A rather than an A*. He did make that mistake in qualifying and in the race it was mainly thanks to the strategy of the team that he got in front. Of course he did put in some brilliant laps on the intermediates to put himself ahead of Leclerc when he pitted, but purely on his own performance I actually preferred Sainz a bit as he had the balls and the insight to determine his own strategy and he unfortunately got stuck behind Latifi for half a lap after his stop or he’d probably won the race.

    • Aidan Snee says:

      I have Charles a a* because he was perfect this whole weekend it was Ferrari who fucked it up not him

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