Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Spanish GP Edition – WTF1

Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Spanish GP Edition

Fans of the WTF1 Podcast will know all about ABCDEF1. After the race, the team give their rankings for each driver, but we also want to hear from YOU!

Submit your grading using the poll vote below, with A* being the best and F being the worst. Tune in to the WTF1 Podcast to see if you agree with Matt, Tommy and Katy!

Let’s begin.

7 thoughts on “Have Your Say ‘ABCDEF1’ 2022 Spanish GP Edition

  • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

    I voted Hamilton for driver of the day as that recovery drive was amazing. I didn’t give him an A* though just because he wanted to give up. That deserves a deduction, so just an A from me.

    • Nigel Stronge says:

      I disagree- the guy has worn his heart on his sleeve for 15 years now – normal reaction but he didn’t give up and the recovery was amazing – over the race distance he was 10 seconds faster than Verstappen and 30 seconds faster than Russell – so who knows what could have happened.

      • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

        Fair enough that you disagree, I mean that’s how things should be. But for me the only reason he didn’t give up was because his team wouldn’t let him. Again I do agree it was an amazing drive, but just shy of an A* imo.

        (to be fair I’m pretty strict in my grades anyway as the only driver I gave an A* was Lando for finishing in the points while feeling like crap all weekend with Tonsillitis)

    • randomlyassigned says:

      Hamilton fan and I agree. Usually he’s a bit more circumspect or careful with his comments, even in the car. He knows that radio comments are public and it wasn’t good messaging, especially for younger fans that look up to him. I get that it was a discouraging moment, but he’s been at it long enough to know how things can turn.

  • Axel Odeberg says:

    Why hasn’t this been posted on instagram yet? And why can’t we see other people voted for?

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