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Should The FIA Have Banned F1 Helmet Changes?

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So it’s official, as confirmed by Autosport, drivers are no longer allowed to change helmets mid-season. But is this really F1’s biggest problem right now and are they making an unnecessary ban on something to try and hide the sport’s other problems?

Formula One helmet changes have become as common as Bernie’s rants in recent years but now the FIA have said enough is enough and banned new designs, making sure drivers only use one helmet for the entire season.

While fans might be happy in hearing Sebastian Vettel won’t change his helmet design as often as his underpants, it does mean we’re no longer likely to see brilliant designs like Kimi Raikkonen’s tribute to James Hunt or Fernando Alonso’s design that said goodbye to Ferrari.


The thinking behind it is of course to encourage drivers to run an iconic design and stick to it, much like Ayrton Senna is remember for his simple but stunning yellow helmet.

But with lids now covered in sponsor logos and drivers hidden in their cars due to safety requirements, will a racing drivers helmet ever be as iconic as it was in Senna’s era?

Do you think the FIA are right to ban in-season helmet changes? Have your say below…

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