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Helmut Marko Adamant Leclerc Should Be Stripped Of Monaco Pole Position

The King of Controversy is back! Helmut Marko is adamant that Charles Leclerc should be stripped of his pole position in Monaco after an incident in Q2. 

During the second session of qualifying, Leclerc was randomly summoned to the weigh-bridge by the stewards. However, Leclerc drove past the inspection area and had to be pushed back by his mechanics.

According to Marko, this should be penalised.

Speaking to Austrian outlet ORF, he said, “he drove by”. 

“They didn’t change the car, but according to the regulations, it should be a penalty. I don’t wish it on him because he’s had so much bad luck in Monte Carlo, but I don’t think you can say that pushing back will solve this offence.”

Despite Marko’s objections, the incident is not under investigation by the stewards, and a complaint is not going to be made by Red Bull. 

He added, “I don’t think we need to intervene. This was clear.”

Could the Monaco curse strike again for Charles? 

86 thoughts on “Helmut Marko Adamant Leclerc Should Be Stripped Of Monaco Pole Position

  • love the quote….”he should be penalized’…’I dont wish it on him’…’according to the regulation it must be a penalty’ lol

  • Howard Rubin says:

    If we paid attention to everything Helmut or Christian complained about there would be no time to race. They have developed a very good car this year but their chronic complaining will ensure that they will lose the support of everyone except the Max fanatics.

    • Only RBR? Or you only get upset when it’s them. I bet you sit there nodding when it’s Toto whining about RB. LOL.

      • Howard Rubin says:

        Edward,Please provide an example of a complant from Toto … just yesterday Christian started whining about the budget, stating that several teams may not race the last 3-4 races to not exceed the constraints. What a bunch of BS… just imagine RBR in the mix for the WDC and they have to pull out so they won’t exceed the budget ! Does Christian really expect anyone to believe that ?

        • F1 takes place over a season, if RBR has spent all their money up front, and other spend it more wisely, well that is what the rule was all about. So winge on RBR winge on.

          • Mattia Binotto also said yesterday that there is no way of Ferrari staying below the budget cap. At the moment its both the top teams who aren’t spending their money wisely. And its not only RBR who’s complaining about it.

            But I do agree the top teams should have all managed their money better.

          • Thomas Acito says:

            I guess the top teams need to hire an accountant or take no salary this season. problem solved.

        • Noooooo noooooo Mikey that’s soooooo not right………few minutes later…….you need to reinstate the lap before

          • Howard Rubin says:

            I was Michael not Mikey… and the Rules were clearly violated at the end of that race. It awarded the wrong team & driver an opportunity that would not have existed had the rules been followed. I hardly call that whining.

  • Richard Cunningham says:

    This numpty contributes nothing to Formula 1. Why is he even there, other than to take cheap shots at competitors?

  • Fred Mecoy says:

    I seem to recall other drivers coming back after bypassing a signal at the bridge. Even being pushed back from the pit, with commentators mentioning that it’s fine unless they were to enter the garage first or continue to pit exit. Did this rule get changed?

  • Batualp Yılmaz says:

    Marko is such a sore loser and boomer shut up and destroy careers of Red Bull driver academy drivers.

  • Forgive my French but what the fuck is wrong with this idiot, how can you be so toxic. He has to accept that his grandson max was slower than Charles, not only in Q3 for pole but also the WHOLEFUCKING WEEKEND again forgive my language.

          • mikeorgan1955 says:

            Numbers on cars mean nothing the 7 times world champion never had No1. But then you probably a newbie to this sport.

          • adrian marsden says:

            Lewis didn’t but only the reigning world champion can have No.1 so yeah it means something.

          • mikeorgan1955 says:

            He didn’t win the World Championship he was handed it on a platter by a useless race director who broke the rules to do it. Horner ended up with a faux world championship and had to pay a lot of money for it.

          • adrian marsden says:

            Whatever, do your want some tissues. The records say he won it. Doubt Lewis will ever win another.

          • adrian marsden says:

            No they won’t. Crying about Ott won’t change anything, what is done is done.

            You need to get over it and move on.

          • Hector Garcia says:

            The FIA report agrees on the fuck up. Let that sink in. And when it matters, Lewis clapped bitchstappen cheeks and his bitch cheekz as well.

          • adrian marsden says:

            Do you want some tissues. You seem upset still. It’s not healthy. Lewis came second, never mind.

            The result is valid and cannot be changed. Move on.

          • Dude, you are SO toxic. We dont want people like you being a fan of the sport. Every time i get on here all I see is you talking shit. We dont want negative exposure to the sport.

          • Cry more conspiracy theorist. Max won fair and square, he deserved the title.
            #stillwecry people like you can keep whining, isn’t gonna change the fact lulu is finishing behind a finished alonso despite having a much faster car lmao.

            “Had to pay a lot” man shut yo ass up😂

          • You’re literally the kind of bandwagon Lewis Stan to say that f1 without Lewis winning us boring and that you’re gonna stop watching when he retires. Sit down lmao you’re irrelevant

          • Joe Thomas says:

            That has nothing to do being a bandwagon fan, if anything he’s the opposite of a bandwagon fan.

          • Kory Lewis says:

            Haha look at you kid! Probably ride lewis dick if given the chance.. how is his 0 world championship teammate beating a 7 time champion? And what place is the #1 car? That’s right….leading the drivers champ again..

          • Hector Garcia says:

            Lol jokes you! You will always have a reminder if the best driver of all time thanks to your last name. Thanks to Masi, Lewis was denied his 8th title to give it to the “great white hope”

          • Kory Lewis says:

            All yall that still use Masi as a excuse just don’t get it at all…lapped cars have been unlapping themselves for years now during FCY…but because your beloved Hamilton got caught sleeping , you have to find some way to justify him losing ……..you don’t want to hear that lewis wrecked verstappen at the Britain gp and still won more races than lewis……tire blew up in baku….still won more races than lewis……..or when Bottas took out verstappen on the wets….and still won more races than lewis…..

            Nah you just going to cry ” Masi Masi Masi “

          • mikeorgan1955 says:

            Ok then take away all the rules and lets see who survives, my guess is your Max will be target No1

          • Hector Garcia says:

            Oh please how stupid can you potentially be? Show me one race where three lapped cars were let through and not the rest. When it mattered, Max had zero answer to Lewis domination. He’s lucky for Pere and Masi that he won. At the end of the day, he couldn’t win without the royal fuck up of Masi. You damn well know max had zero answer to Lewis. And you all are so quick to forget Monza where if it wasn’t for the Halo, Lewis would be dead.

          • You 🤡🤡Masi made a mistake when he didn’t let all the cars through in the start itself. If he’d done that, the safety car would have come in and max would have won anyway 😂merc had a shit strategy lmao that’s on them

          • Hector Garcia says:

            Meaning the race would have been over under the safety car and Lewis wins. And for the record. Max did zero wrong. It would be wrong to strip him from the title. But Masi gave him the title.

          • Hector Garcia says:

            British GP, racing incident. And it was coming, Max is dangerous and expects everyone to give way. Lewis did plenty of times but it was going to stop. And you bitchstappen fans forget if it wasn’t for the Halo in Monza.. Lewis would be dead.

          • So the monza incident wasn’t a racing incident but the 51G incident where Hamilton was clearly at fault( and even the stewards ruled that he was at fault) is only a racing incident to you crymilton fans? Lmao the hypocrisy 🤣 anyhow, enjoy being in the midfield lmao, cuz that’s all you’re gonna be seeing for a good while

        • Max is exactly what everyone thinks he is, a prodigal driver who’s gonna break records left right and center and dominate f1 for a while. Lewis is finished, cry

          • mikeorgan1955 says:

            We will see. My guess is he will be found out. As for Lewis he’s already the GOAT so no need to prove anything to a pathetic no one like you.

          • ‘found out’ your pathetic ass will keep waiting for him to be ‘found out’ while he keeps breaking records and speeds to championship after another. he beat lewis in a slower car last year lmaooo #stillwecry ers like you need some solid time in the midfield to shut you up + lewis isn’t the GOAT, and no matter of bawling from you will change that

          • Cry more 🤡 Masi almost robbed max of his title by not letting max pass Lewis in the start and for not letting all the lapped cars through at the start of the safety car period itself

  • Ferdinand Bautista says:

    If we can’t beat them through racing…. Will just make a controversy and complain…..

    • Joe Thomas says:

      The toxicity starts with Marko, followed closely by Horner and then having the supreme little league dad that Jos is, Max doesn’t stand a chance not to be an epic brat.

  • William 1 Million says:

    I remember when Marko went over to Gasly in Alpha T and put his arm round him to have a word about blocking Lewis or Bottas. I always felt that was a massive infringement. Alpha are not RB. They are a seperate company and a seperate team / entity. Of COURSE Gasly would do what he said. Just another example of over reach and inflated ego. We know Verstappen is an amazing driver. Given a good car, his brilliance is obvious, and probs obvious in a 2 cylinder ‘65 skoda. But Red Bull, Marko et al look to me like a team that engenders disrespect. They seem totally toxic to me, and I sometimes hear their words through Verstappen’s mouth. Marko comes across as a bitter man. But it does appear a toxic environment. But I am much older so probs out of the times.

  • Dave Harper says:

    Old Dr Death at it again, there is a carehome search out looking for him as he escaped again, poor old bugger thinks he runs an F1 team.

  • mikeorgan1955 says:

    Is there no shame in the Red Bull paddock? All they ever do is intimidate the stewards and nobble the race director. Max didn’t win last years championship Lewis did but a stupid race director fiddled the ending. I just wish we could see the back of Red Bull and get back to real racing.

  • The charmless antagonists are at it again. Who will rid us of the troublesome beast as Cromwell said….for beast read bull…

  • HE is a Bloody Loser, so to speak. What Shit could have come out from Dog’s mouth. If you got nothing better to say, still to your own management and Keep your Bloody comments SHUT!!!

  • Shaggyskunk says:

    Marko may regret strict enforcement of the rules yesterday, as BOTH Max & Checo crossing the yellow line exiting the Pits!

  • Simon Yong says:

    Last years Red Bull max Verstappen championship should be strip too..!!!
    Red Bull Johnathan Wheatley and Christian Horner have collaborated with Michael Masi to change the safety car rules, allowing Max to easily overtakes Lewis Hamilton for the championship.
    This is a world renowned Scandal..

  • Bob Mapplethorpe says:

    I hate Redbull’s fucking attitude almost as much as I hate their energy beverage!

  • Chris Eagle says:

    Absolutely can not stand Helmut Marko, he doesn’t shut up. It’s the only reason redbull keeps him around to puss everyone else off.

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