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Helmut Marko Gave A Savage Analysis Of Perez’s Disappointing Qualifying In Hungary

Since his early-season hot streak, Sergio Perez has gone a little off the boil in his Red Bull, and it’s caught the attention of Captain Controversial himself!

Perez and Dr. Marko haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye in recent races. In France, Marko was quoted as having joked that the Mexican had “drunk tequila” and fell “asleep” during his defeat in the podium battle with George Russell.

And after Perez qualified 11th in Hungary, Marko had no nice words about his performance.

“He is currently too far off from Max” said the Austrian, speaking to Sky Germany. “It was like that already in all of the free practice sessions. (It’s) a difficult situation. We need to sit down together.”

“Summer break is not here yet, but he seems to be living in it already!” 😬

Perez did have another tussle with track limits during Q2 in Hungary, having his fastest lap taken away and then given back later in the session. However, the Mexican couldn’t quite recover and qualified eight-tenths behind his teammate.

“We need to talk to him and he needs to change his setup to be more similar to Max’s setup again,” added Marko. “And he has to be on it from FP1. If you’re off by one whole second in FP1, you’ll never make up for that.”

It’s never a good thing when you have to have a “sit-down” with Helmut Marko and after his second Q2 exit of the season it’s safe to say Perez is in the bad books.

Where can Perez recover to on Sunday at the Hungaroring?

18 thoughts on “Helmut Marko Gave A Savage Analysis Of Perez’s Disappointing Qualifying In Hungary

  • Miles Hughes says:

    Marko Hellmutt isn’t happy unless it’s a white racer in that seat. He hates Hamilton because of his skin tone. Hamilton should deficate on verstappen every chance he gets. He has 7 WDC. He should remind them every chance he gets

      • darthwalker231 says:

        Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas drove same car as Lewis, last time I checked bottas has 0 and nico has 1 championship. Assuming grosjean is anywhere near nico in terms of skills is a joke😂

    • Dr Prometheus says:

      I am unsure who the racist is in this case; as you accuse Hellmutt for that. Besides; not only “colored” people can be victim of racial slur. “White” people can be also. (Or gender or whatever.)

      • Racial slurs against people of color are used as a part of violence. They have far, far more power than any insult based on race that a white person may face. Particularly Anti-Black racism is backed up by centuries of powerful institutions systemically harming Black folks; there isn’t an equivalent for white folks. Helmut defending Piquet is flat out racist. Full stop.

    • I agree with you that Helmut Marko is for sure racist (just check his comments about Sergio, the Nelson Piquet incident, his treatment of Yuki vs Max, etc.). I disagree that ‘hamilton should deficate on verstappen every chance he gets.’ Hamilton doesn’t need to stoop to Helmut’s level. Max is a great driver, I’d just like to see things be more respectful

    • What? I thought Checo was white. I’m also Mexican and I’m white. Mexico has people of all races, including white, mainly from Spain. Are Alonso and Sainz also people of color?

  • Helmut Marko is the antagonist you will see in every movie, if you defend this guy then you are stupid or a D*ck rider.

    Just retire old man, nobody likes you

  • Papaya Madness says:

    It was obvious pink Merc Perez would fade into the dark after a good start to the season .RB don’t need or want 2 number 1 drivers Perez is a backup dancer for max and should come to terms or leave

  • …..I am curious who Perez would like to face, Helmut ot thr devil himself….lol
    Now, I think Helmut has ruined some good druver along the way with his “system”, he puts so much pressure on them that they chock out of stress not to perform. Now maybe that is what Helmut wants, he wants to bring out ONLY the drivers that will perform and not chock under thus pressure and maybe I am wrong and he is very correct, what do I know….and who am I…

  • Jake Andrews says:

    I can’t for the life of me understand why Max’s team mates always struggle so much…

    *Looks intensely at Helmut Marko*

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