Fernando Alonso Wrecks Johnny Herbert Live On Sky F1 – WTF1

Fernando Alonso Wrecks Johnny Herbert Live On Sky F1

Former F1 driver and Sky Sports pundit Johnny Herbert had some interesting things to say ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, suggesting it’s time Fernando Alonso retired from F1 all together.

“I don’t think Fernando should come back,” said Herbert. “The reason why I say that with the Fernando at the top of his game, and the last time we saw that was probably in 2011-12 at Ferrari, you could always sense there was a real urgency, particularly in his qualifying laps, he was right on the edge.

“As far as performance is concerned we haven’t seen this two-time world champion that everyone says is the best. I don’t see it. And we haven’t seen domination at McLaren and Jenson [Button] has done a better job.”

Fernando’s response though was magic…

The double world champion waited for Sky Sports F1 to go live before interrupting Herbert’s piece to camera.

Herbert: “You’re not going to retire?”

Alonso: “No, I’m a world champion. You ended up as a commentator because you were not a world champion.”

Apply cold water to the burn, Johnny.

H/T to Ollie for the video!

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