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Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Cringe Moments From Red Bull’s F1 2023 Season Launch

You know when you watch a horror movie, and it’s absolutely brutal, but you just can’t look away? That pretty much sums up how we felt about the Red Bull season launch in New York 😅

It took two minutes to remember that livery launches are some of the most cringe events you could ever lay your eyes on, but did we stop watching? Absolutely not.

If we had, we would’ve missed some of these incredible moments that are just far too good not to share.


We don’t have a single bad word to say about this one. We’re just ridiculously jealous and would like one ASAP. It may not be the most adequate hat to wear inside a hot, stuffy studio, but we admire your commitment. If anyone from Red Bull reads this, we’ll take four!


Definitely one of the best moments of the whole launch. Marty Smith, one of the launch presenters, introduces Stefano as a special guest and gets a lukewarm reception as he supposedly makes his way to the stage. Except he was nowhere to be seen.

After a few more calls and a “knock, knock” from Giselle Zarur, it turns out he was indeed on his way – which would’ve been great if he had actually been on his way. But he wasn’t. A very awkward encounter. Dealt with beautifully by all involved, though! 👌🏻


I don’t know if you knew, but Castore is Red Bull’s new apparel sponsor for the 2023 season. You didn’t know? Well, you should now. We get it, you need to flex that brand. But do you think it’s gone too far when a chyron banner pops up on the screen with ‘Castore’ written below Daniel Ricciardo’s face? You know, that really popular racing driver, Castore Ricciardo? You couldn’t make this up.


It’s tough being a woman, especially when you want to get glammed up, but a pesky microphone is in your way. One of the presenters, Giselle Zarur, seemed to have a bit of an issue with her earring. At the start of the show, you could hear this horrific scratchy noise whenever someone moved. It was even more apparent when Giselle interviewed some of Red Bull’s athletes.

Afterwards, she comes back on stage and… DUN DUN DUN. There’s a missing earring. Coincidentally the one next to the microphone. These things happen, and she rocked the one earring look, but could they not have taken both out instead? 😳

The worst thing is, we went through all that to find out the car looks EXACTLY the same. I don’t know why we ever got our hopes up. We’re going to find a dark room and cry.

What did you think of the Red Bull season launch?


3 thoughts on “Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Cringe Moments From Red Bull’s F1 2023 Season Launch

  • It’s amazing how Red Bull managed to get a worldwide full hour of advertisement on all platforms and TV’s just for the sake of showing us last year’s car. Brilliant!

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    It only looks the same if you’re visually impaired. Yes, the nose, the rear wing and the floor edge seem to be exactly the same, but on the engine cover and sidepods there are some notable changes to the RB18. Don’t know why people would be expecting a radical redesign when the RB18 was the most successful concept last year. It makes more sense that the RB19 is a subtle evolution of that concept.

  • Very well said whilst watching this terrible reveal I had to Google and search really annoying ear ring tapping noise from red bull presenter and found this masterpiece! Thank you for saying everything I was thinking. This was a very tacky poor performance from the 2 presenters I can’t believe they settled for such poor quality.

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