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Here Are The 6 Races F1 Fans Think MUST Stay On The Calendar

Las Vegas has been announced, and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali recently suggested there’s so much interest from venues right now that a 30-race F1 calendar would be possible. Naturally, that leaves lots of us worried about legendary circuits dropping off the calendar.

But what do F1 fans think are THE most iconic races that simply cannot be removed from the F1 calendar? Well, we asked them! Here are the results.


6. MONACO – 74% think it must stay

Monaco still divides opinion on whether it’s still suitable for F1, but while 16% think it should be dropped (and 10% rotated), enough fans think the F1 calendar wouldn’t be the same without it. 74% of you voted F1’s ‘crown jewel’ as a must stay race.

5. JAPAN – 78% think it must stay

We’ve not seen the Japanese Grand Prix on the F1 calendar since 2019 due to the pandemic, but 78% of fans still think it’s a MUST on the calendar. Undoubtedly, due to Suzuka’s incredible history and the Japanese fans that always make the event a special one.

4. BRAZIL – 90% think it must stay

The highest race on this list that didn’t appear on the calendar of F1’s inaugural season in 1950, but 90% of fans think Brazil is essential tells you everything you need to know about this one. Interlagos has provided some of F1’s most iconic moments, and the race is consistently a banger. Thank goodness it’s got a contract until 2025 🙌

3. SILVERSTONE – 91% think it must stay


Silverstone hosted the first-ever F1 World Championship race back in 1950, and with history, a great track and a sell-out crowd, it’s no surprise that 91% of fans think the British Grand Prix should always be part of the calendar.

2. MONZA – 94% think it must stay

Monza has hosted the Italian Grand Prix every year bar one since the F1 World Championship began in 1950, and a massive 94% of F1 fans want the Theatre of Speed’s place on the calendar to continue.

1. SPA – 95% think it must stay

So, you could have probably worked this one out already, but the race F1 fans most wanted to stay on the calendar is Spa. 95% of you think it’s a must, and just 1% of people (4% want it rotated) believe it should be dropped. Who on earth thinks Spa should be dropped? Come on now!


6. CHINA – 29% think it should go

We’ve not raced in China since 2019 due to the global pandemic, but 29% think we shouldn’t ever go back to the Shanghai International Circuit.

4= SPAIN – 31% think it should go

F1 has become hugely popular in Spain thanks to double world champion Fernando Alonso and now with Carlos Sainz at the front of the grid. Still, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya’s tendency to produce boring races means it’s no surprise that 31% of people wouldn’t miss it.

4= ABU DHABI – 31% think it should go

The season finale has provided its fair share of drama over the years, but the circuit still isn’t popular with F1 fans; 31% want it gone.

3. SAUDI ARABIA – 35% think it should go

Despite all the controversy surrounding the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, it’s still not the least popular race on the calendar. Only 18% think Saudi deserves a permanent place on the calendar, but 35% would like F1 never to return.

2. FRANCE – 38% think it should go

France is a country with so much F1 and motorsport history, and the French Grand Prix was even on the inaugural F1 World Championship calendar. So it shows just how hated the Paul Ricard circuit is that 38% of fans don’t want it on the calendar.

1. QATAR- 39% think it should go

Qatar is not on the 2022 calendar (yet), but the Qatar Grand Prix does have a contract from 2023, so we included it in this list. We’ve only raced at the Losail International Circuit once, and the new 2023 street track hasn’t even been revealed yet, but only 7% think Qatar belongs in F1, and a massive 39% of you don’t want to see a race on the calendar at all.

21 thoughts on “Here Are The 6 Races F1 Fans Think MUST Stay On The Calendar

  • Basically F1 fans can distinguish a good race track from a bad race track. Plus they respect history.

    • F1 is a prestige racing series, always has been.
      Bernie turned it into a billionaires playground and nothing showcases that more than Monaco.

    • You are 100% right. The actual “race” should be….every driver gets 5 individual laps…nobody else on course…to set fastest time. Skip qualifying.

        • Come to think of it….qualifying on Saturday is THE most exciting part of the weekend. Race day is more about tire changes and mechanical failures.

    • Agreed – it’s legendary, but way too difficult to pass. So how about swapping the cars for shifter carts? They’d be nearly as fast there, but plenty more room for dicing and would be a nod to how most of the drivers got their start.

  • Well Vegas doesn’t look like a great track, its a spectacle and I imagine it could stick around because its just a party to promote F1. I don’t like going to Vegas, I’d much rather go to Austin.

  • Could Las Vegas become the new jewel in F1’s crown? Monaco is out of contract and now has to pay the hosting fee, which it didn’t until recently.

  • Rob Van Der Linden says:

    Jeddah has to go, and from next year’s calendar Las Vegas also has to go, replace them with a race in Germany and Spain, or if they are dead set on racing in the USA anything but a street circuit.

    • Brandon Dixon says:

      Why cut Vegas already? Based on models I would pick Vegas over Miami. Outside of COTA the only FIA grade 1 track in America is IMS. Unless someone is willing to upgrade a road course or completely build a new one according to FIA standards I don’t see it happening.

  • All of the Arabian venues need to go. No Russia, no China, and no France. I’m not a big fan of temporary street circuits so aside from the history Monaco it could go and it wouldn’t break my heart. Shitty racing there. Spa needs to stay for sure. COTA is a great track. I say upgrade Watkins Glen and bag Vegas and Miami.

  • BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ says:

    Spa and Interlagos should stay for sure. One Middle East race is more than enough. South Africa should make a comeback and two races in the USA is also enough no need for a third, though they can use different circuit location from season to season.

  • do you lot actually don’t want jeddah to stay? I personally find it quite fun to drive around, but that’s from the f1 game perspective

  • Clayton Hines says:

    Before we axe Paul Ricard we should wait to see how the race is with the new regs. I think it could be a good one now.

  • Yuval Gupta says:

    honestly i dont want a single race in the middle east but thats where f1 gets a lot of money from so realistically ik that qatar n jeddah r gonna stay on the calendar fs; china has got a huge huge population that might be highly interested in f1 now that there is a chinese driver in f1 which is why f1 will again not want to get rid of the chinese gp cause they can get a huge audience out of it; in us there is absolutely no need for 3 races but it all comes down to money again – miami n las vegas will be the future monaco gp; monaco gp should be on the calendar but only if it is made interesting – rn the track just stinks cause wit the bigger cars, it is impossible to overtake; spa, silverstone, interlagos, japan, hungary, monza, imola, azerbaijan, holland, australia, n singapore just hv to be there; we need a race in germany fs cause it is stupid not to hv a single race in literally the automobiles hub plus both the tracks r simply amazing; can we pls pls get rid of abu dabhi

  • xTheWarrior22 says:

    Please also do a voting of races F1 fans want to see back on the calender, like India, Malaysia etc.

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