Lewis Hamilton can secure his seventh drivers’ title at the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend, but how can he achieve this incredible feat? Let WTF1 break down the numbers for you… 

Okay, so in a quick summary, Hamilton has to finish within seven points of his teammate Valtteri Bottas to wrap up the title. That means Bottas could win the race, but Hamilton would need to come in second and the title would be his.

Bottas could keep the ‘championship battle’ going if he won the race and took the additional point for fastest lap, but the odds are not in his favour.

Theoretically, the battle for the drivers’ title could go down to the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Hamilton would literally have to DNF in the next three races and Bottas would need to win every one of those, and Hamilton would still go into the final race of the season ahead by ten points. 

Hopefully this chart will help explain things a little better. Here is how Lewis Hamilton can win the drivers’ title in Turkey:

 Here is how Lewis Hamilton can win the drivers’ title in Turkey.


Of course, there is also the statistic that if Hamilton wins this drivers’ championship he will equal the amount of titles held by Michael Schumacher. Crazy scenes. Certainly a record that a lot of us thought would never be broken.

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Here Is How Hamilton Can Win The Title In Turkey