Here we go: It’s the F1 cool wall – WTF1

Here we go: It’s the F1 cool wall

So it’s finally here, WTF1’s latest feature ‘The Cool Wall’ (completely my own idea and not ripped off some poky motoring show).

I’d like readers to help decide what cars go up. Give me your suggestions on Twitter and your votes will be counted.

To get it kick started I’ve put 5 F1 cars up already.

Renault R30 – After losing it’s title sponsor ING, Renault went retro for 2010. The yellow and black design is what all fans were hoping to see. SUB ZERO.

McLaren MP4/4 – The classic Malboro McLaren livery. A classic, no other word for it. COOL.

Ferrari 156 – The infamous ‘sharknose’ Ferrari from 1961 still looks great nearly 50 years on. COOL.

Williams FW20 – Williams + Red = NO. Murray Walker once said the car had been designed with a canon full of sponsorship logos. UNCOOL.

Honda RA107 – An environmental message on an F1 car? If they cared that much they’d have pulled out of the sport… oh, they did. SERIOUSLY UNCOOL.

Check out the updated cool wall here.

What F1 cars do you want to see on the Cool Wall? Don’t forget to Tweet me with suggestions.


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