There’s no denying the fact the current F1 cars are some of the best-looking we’ve seen in quite some time, but the new regulations have also produced the quickest machines in the sport’s history.

We’ve seen loads of unofficial lap records being broken over the course of the F1 season so far, thanks to the wider tyres and drastic aerodynamic changes.

The cars are super-quick in qualifying and while they’re still not matching the proper lap records set in the races, the way drivers compete on Sunday has changed a lot since they were set.

Following on from the brilliant video on F1’s greatest innovations, YouTube channel Real Engineering has taken a look at what makes the current cars the quickest in F1’s history.

The best bit about the video is that, while it’s filled with information and tech, it’s also incredibly easy to understand – so, F1 nerds, newbies and anyone in between can keep up with what’s being analysed.

We’ve mentioned the epic speed and pace of these 2017 F1 cars, but it’s even more impressive and fascinating when you know the reasons why they’re so damn fast!