Leclerc was a guest on Sky Italia show ‘EPPC’ recently, chatting about the sort of things he’s been getting up to over the last couple of months – like his unexpected streaming career, and how his girlfriend had to sub to his Twitch channel just to get to speak to him.

The conversation then turned towards food, with Leclerc saying that he’s been learning how to cook pasta dishes… such as carbonara. It turns out that Leclerc has strong feelings about the proper way to make the classic dish, and ended up filming this incredibly trippy informational skit (with host Alessandro Cattelan) explaining the proper ingredients.

I mean, he’s not wrong – who the hell puts cream in a carbonara!? His pasta choice is incorrect, though – it’s spaghetti all the way.

Now, excuse me while I go and eat some more cheese and hope it leads to dreams of Kimi Raikkonen telling me the proper way to cook turkey dinosaurs.