Here’s Another 50% Race In F1 2017 To Drool Over – WTF1

Here’s Another 50% Race In F1 2017 To Drool Over

We’re certainly getting hyped up for the release of F1 2017, which arrives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles – as well as PC – on the 25 August.

The amount of gameplay footage on show is a major reason for us getting excited, with a career mode trailer, 50% race at Suzuka and footage of classic McLarens being released recently.

While the Japanese GP gameplay was edited and shared by YouTuber Aarava (and others), this new 50% race around Spa has been released by Codemasters and is completely unedited.

The game’s senior car handling designer and sim racer David Greco took to the Belgian GP venue in Esteban Ocon’s Force India to showcase F1 2017’s gameplay.

With the AI difficulty on ‘ultimate’ and extremely wet conditions, he certainly picked a difficult race to tackle…

But, it does give us our best look yet of gameplay in F1 2017. And it looks extremely promising!

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