Here’s Another Magnificent Kimi Raikkonen Advert – WTF1

Here’s Another Magnificent Kimi Raikkonen Advert

Raikkonen seems like the person least suited to promote anything, which is why any advert he’s a part of is always so brilliant. Who can forget his spectacular performance in this Weichai ad?

Set in Monaco, this latest advert for Alfa Romeo features the usual monotone Kimi voiceover and tenuous F1 connection. The real pay-off is at the end when he meets his wife, Minntu, and comes out with a joke so incredible that even Kimi cracks half a smile.

The freeze-frame really hammers it home. And what on earth does “When I race, I take my time. Otherwise, I take my time” even mean!?

Still, what does Kimi care – that’s probably his outside media duties done and dusted for 2020.

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