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Here’s What F1 Team Football Kits Would Look Like

A talented graphic designer has looked at what football kits would look like in the branding and colours of Formula 1 teams.

These look pretty sweet, right?

Here’s what happens when the F1 and football worlds collide. Designer Thierry Courtois has put F1 branding on football kits and they actually look really cool.

They look better than some kits out there right now…
Home and away kits


The project takes a look at the power of sports branding and sponsorship by placing them in an alternate sporting field.

So, putting F1 branding and colours in the world of football is the perfect way to look at the power of branding.

How about Renault home vs away

The end result looks pretty awesome as well, especially the Toro Rosso and Manor kits.

Some of them are way better than the kit designs being used at the moment.

How about some F1 cars with football colours – first, Manchester United
S.S.C Napoli

Plus, Thierry has switched things around by putting football team colours on F1 cars.

Watford F.C
Crystal Palace F.C

There’s some serious Jordan and Benetton vibes going on with a few of them.

West Ham

You can check out the full set of images right here.

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