Here’s How F1 Engine Sounds Have Changed Over 40 Years

Williams has put together this awesome video to showcase the changing engine sounds of Formula 1 over four decades…

F1 has drastically changed over the last 40 years and while the evolution of aerodynamics is the most obvious difference, under the bodywork, the engines have changed massively too.

That includes the sounds of the engines, which Williams has showcased in a brilliant video from its 40th anniversary celebrations earlier this year.

The Grove-based team filmed the cars taking to the Silverstone circuit at the event, to give us a taste of F1’s engine sound evolution since its first car – the March 761 used in 1977.

As the video proves, F1 engine noises have changed a hell of a lot over four decades, from the Ford Cosworth DFV from the 60s and 70s to the high-tech V6 Turbo power units of modern machinery.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy watching a load of Williams F1 cars lapping the British GP venue, and listen out for the changing engine sounds of the sport.