Here's How F1 Teams Move All Of Their Stuff From Race To Race - WTF1

Here’s How F1 Teams Move All Of Their Stuff From Race To Race

The logistics of transporting 10 teams and all their equipment from race to race is something that’s easy to overlook as a fan. After all, it just sort of… happens. You watch a race one week, and then the next week everything has seamlessly moved to a different circuit with an apparent minimum of fuss.

However, a huge amount of effort goes into moving the F1 circus around the globe. Whether it’s a back-to-back race in Europe or getting everything shipped thousands of miles between countries, this video from Wendover Productions explains just how it’s done.

It’s not aimed at the hardcore F1 fan, but once you get past the basics it provides a fascinating insight into just how teams manage the logistics of a season.

It’s not hard to see why the teams are so worn out after the last few weeks! And if there was ever an argument for grouping together races from a similar region, this is surely it.

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