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Here’s How Long Each F1 Driver Has A Contract For

With the recent news of Sergio Perez’s contract extension at Red Bull, here’s a handy guide of how long everyone on the F1 grid has their contract for 👀 

There’s still a whole load of announcements to come so keep an eye on WTF1 so you know everything that’s going on! 

Contract Expires: 2023

Hamilton will be sticking around with Mercedes until at least the end of next season! 

Contract Expires: “Long-term” deal at Mercedes

George joined the Silver Arrows on a contract that’s been labelled as a long-term deal and has had a strong start to his first full  season with the team!

Contract Expires: 2028

This monster deal for Verstappen means he will remain at the team until at least 2028! If he sticks to his contract, it will expire when the 24-year-old is 30 🤯 





Contract Expires: 2024

Perez has had his contract extended until the 2024 season, which he accidentally let slip during the ‘cool down room’ with boss Christian Horner after his win in Monaco. “I probably signed too early,” Checo joked. 

Contract Expires: 2024

Charles has a solid contract with Ferrari until 2024.

Contract Expires: 2024

Sainz extended his contract with Ferrari in April of this year, sticking with the team for an additional two years! 

Contract Expires: 2025

Norris signed a mega deal to stay with McLaren until at least the end of 2025. He seems very happy within the team, has secured them plenty of podiums and so far this season outperforming his teammate. 

Contract Expires: 2023

Daniel is obviously struggling but the team are sticking with him; his career has earned him that. He has a contract until the end of next year, with the option to end it early if he wants.

Contract Expires: “Multi-year” deal with Aston Martin

Alonso’s contract expires with Alpine at the end of this season. However, in one of biggest curveball driver announcements EVER, Fernando shared that he’s going to Aston Martin from 2023 on a multi-year deal.

Contract Expires: 2024

Alpine extended Ocon’s contract for another three years last season. He’s the perfect fit for them, a young French driver to market around. Esteban’s all set.

Contract Expires: 2023

With Checo taking that second Red Bull seat until 2024, Gasly’s sticking with the AlphaTauri team for another year.

Contract Expires: 2022

Yuki clearly did enough in the eyes of Red Bull to earn a contract for another year. Hopefully he can continue to learn and improve with the new era of cars with his contract due to expire at the end of this season.

Contract Expires: 2022

Seb was on a multi-year deal with Aston Martin, and recently announced he would be retiring at the end of this year. 

Contract Expires: Unknown

Unless Stroll has any big family fallouts, Lance looks set to stay for the future with his father Lawrence owning the team. 

Contract Expires: 2022

Nicky earned himself a third year at Williams alongside Alex Albon this season. He’s had a rocky start to the year and will need to pull out some spectacular performances over the next few months to convince Williams to keep him on from 2023! 

Contract Expires: 2023 and “beyond”

Alex recently signed a new deal with Williams that keeps him with the team for 2023 and “beyond”. Albon has performed brilliantly in his comeback F1 season, after being released from Red Bull in 2020, so it’s good to see he’ll be sticking around for a good while longer! 

Contract Expires: “Multi-year” deal at Alfa Romeo

The former Mercedes man joined Alfa Romeo for the 2022 season. Having the security of a multi-year deal is proving great for Bottas who is once again doing wonders in his machinery. 

Contract Expires: 2022

Zhou has got a one-year deal with the Alfa Romeo squad, but has had some standout moments in his rookie season so far. 

Contract Expires: “Multi-year” deal at Haas

K-Mag made an unexpected return to the Haas team this season. He’s not going anywhere either as the team have locked him into a multi-year deal.

Contract Expires: 2022

Schumacher signed a two year deal when he joined Haas in 2021, meaning he’s on his last year of his contract. After two big shunts so far this season, will his contract with the team be renewed for 2023?

This article was updated on August 1st 2022.

11 thoughts on “Here’s How Long Each F1 Driver Has A Contract For

  • Russell, Gasly and hopefully Schumacher (Ferrari will put him in the first available seat at Alfa) are the three most likely to make moves, although of those three, Gasly is the hardest to place because all the seats above him are locked out.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

      Why would Russell move? He’s finally in that Mercedes seat and he’s beating Hamilton so far, so he’s in the best available seat atm. I think we are going to (finally) lose Latifi. He’s a nice guy, but he’s not F1 worthy. Whether that Williams seat will then go to De Vries or Piastri, kinda depends what Mercedes is going to do as they have indicated the intent of reducing the number of teams they want to supply with their engines. The seat of Ricciardo may also become available if he doesn’t improve his performance and that’s the seat that might be filled by Gasly. In that case we could see Albon return to AT and De Vries and Piastri both at Williams.

    • Chris Martin says:

      Russell will not be moving, I think Gasly’s best chance is to stay where he is, he is unlikely to get offered a better car and Schumacher would be best moved over to the DTM or possibly WEC, he is not F1 quality despite his name.

    • Megadead™ says:

      Alpine might sign Gasly for a year first. 2 Frenchmen driving for a French team would be a big deal to them and an opportunity hard to pass.

      • Jason Malcolm says:

        Gasly is signed to AT next year so will be going no where. I think he’ll be rueing signing so early with the movements being made.
        Piastri is a shoe in for that Alpine seat imo.
        Williams and Ricciardo are the only major questions I see being discussed in depth until the end of the season.

        Although with Tsunoda going slightly off the boil recently there is maybe a chance Albon goes back to AT. I do feel that this season is almost justifying RB decision to drop Albon and Gasly though neither are in good machinery but they are not dominating there team mates in every aspect as you would expect with the praise they receive

      • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

        Gasly has a contract with AT.
        Also Ocon and Gasly aren’t besties.
        I think Piastri will be in that seat.

        @disqus_J0Ulog6So5:disqus I think Tsunoda will stay at AT. Because they don’t have a proper replacement. I also think Albon would prefer Williams over AT. Even tho AT has a better car. I think he prefers a team where he can build and improve. He will never be in a RedBull again.

        I think that is the place for Tsunoda. But I don’t know why.

  • So, Piastri in at Alpine, possible seats open at Williams and AT. Maybe at Haas and Mclaren, though I don’t think they’re going to drop Mick. He is crash happy, but he has been improving and he brings in sponsorship money. I don’t think Haas can afford to switch things up right now. So disappointing to think about Daniel leaving, but I also think it makes sense, if they think there’s someone else who could be better. I’d say keep him another year and then go for Gasly or Albon.

    De Vries would be great to see at Williams. Not sure who’s in the pipeline for AT, but I’d be surprised if Yuki stays on.

    I’ll also say: whenever Lewis decides to retire, I think Mercedes are going to/should pull in Lando

  • How crazy would this be – Sainz and LeClerc are both under contract until 2024. They get frustrated and leave in 2024 for Red Bull and Mercedes when Perez and Hamilton are done. Then Alonso goes to Ferrari to finish his career along with mentoring Schumacher. You heard it here first.

  • Will Bekkers says:

    I’m curious if there’s ever been another situation, like Lance’s, where a contract is basically locked in for the foreseeable future. It feels kinda strange having one seat off limits where everything else in the driver market can change so quickly

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