The 2017 Formula 1 cars are much faster than their predecessors due to fatter tyres, more aggressive aerodynamics and other general improvements.

We all knew lap times were going to be cut significantly this year, but that still doesn’t make it any less cool to see 2016 and 2017 pole laps compared side by side.

Someone’s gone and made a video putting Nico Rosberg’s pole lap from last year’s Russian GP alongside Sebastian Vettel’s quickest qualifying lap from 2017.

Rosberg took the top spot on the grid with a 1:35.417, while Vettel’s 1:33.194 – a 2.223 second difference – gave Ferrari its first pole since Singapore 2015.

It’s amazing to see just how quickly Vettel starts to gain time compared to Rosberg’s lap. These new cars are proper beasts.