Here’s Kimi Raikkonen’s Helmet Design For 2018 – WTF1

Here’s Kimi Raikkonen’s Helmet Design For 2018

It’s surreal enough that Kimi Raikkonen has an Instagram account (if you haven’t seen it yet, you really should check it out) but what’s really weird is the way he plays up to his status as something of a memelord.

He’s posted images on there of his 2018 helmet design (his final F1 helmet, perhaps?) featuring more black and flashes of blue. Those Ferrari badges are interesting too – is the team about to ditch it’s red and white ‘honestly-not-a-Marlboro-logo’ logo and go with something different?

Either way, it’s a cool-looking helmet, but what really sells it is the caption.

This protects my head in 2018.

A post shared by #Kimi7 (@kimimatiasraikkonen) on Jan 29, 2018 at 4:09am PST

Brilliant! If you don’t know, it references an interview he gave a few years ago where he was asked if his helmet holds any special significance for him and in classic Kimi style simply responded with “it protects my head”.

During a race weekend he may play up to his reputation of being disinterested in everything, but he definitely knows that people find him funny as a result. Hang on, what if all those bwoahs are on purpose too…?

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