Here's Mercedes' Technical Director Explaining The Challenges Of The Halo - WTF1

Here’s Mercedes’ Technical Director Explaining The Challenges Of The Halo

Formula 1 introducing the Halo is a pretty big step for the sport and one that not everyone is happy about. It’s not going anywhere for the time being, though, and in this video Mercedes’ technical director, James Allison, explains everything you need to know about the device.

It’s fascinating to hear about the technical aspects, like how strong it needs to be and how it affects the aerodynamics, but also how the thing looks. It’s good to know that teams are concerned about the aesthetics – after all, the new Formula E car has shown that it doesn’t have to look that bad.

With car launches not far away it’ll be interesting to see if there’s much difference in what the teams have done with the aerodynamics of their Halos. Maybe it won’t be that long until we’ve forgotten about its looks and instead focus on the design of it like we already do with the rest of the car.

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