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Here’s A Much Better Look At The Red Bull RB13

Sunday’s online unveiling didn’t reveal all that much about the RB13, thanks to the brief look at the full car in Red Bull’s video and the grainy screenshots taken from it.

But, thankfully, we’ve now got a much better look at the new Renault-powered F1 machine with official studio photos and images of it on track.

The photographers had to be quick though because, ironically – with Red Bull focusing on number 13 being “unlucky for some” – Red Bull’s new car was the first of winter testing to break down…

Daniel Ricciardo was at the wheel when a sensor issue caused him to stop on track on the run to Turn 4, bringing out the first red flag after just four laps.

Nevertheless, the RB13 certainly looks like one of the most interesting cars on the grid – another car with the shark fin, but also skinny sidepods and an unusual vent on the nose tip.

Thankfully, the Red Bull also retains the matte paint finish of the 2016 car, albeit with a tweaked design. It definitely looks mean and that’s the way it should be.

F1 cars have officially hit the track for the opening pre-season test of the 2017 season at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Times are already tumbling and cars racking up the laps at a rapid rate, F1 is officially back!

And the 2017 grid looks absolutely epic. Let us know which new F1 car is your favourite in our latest poll.

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