Here’s The MP4-30 In A Retro McLaren Honda Livery – WTF1

Here’s The MP4-30 In A Retro McLaren Honda Livery

Pretty much everyone was hoping for a change of McLaren livery this year, but yesterday the team trolled the world and launched the car to start their new Honda era in Mercedes colours.

Reddit user G0DJESUS decided it was time to take action and put the car in the classic McLaren Honda livery from the late eighties/early nineties. So it’s not very realistic with the Malboro branding, but it certainly does look more Honda-like in white and red.


Some new renders have also appeared of the McLaren MP4-30 in white rather than the dark silver and it actually looks pretty damn good.

mclaren honda

And if you’re still feeling depressed it was orange, Karl_Agathon has shown what it could have looked like in the traditional McLaren colours.

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