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Here’s The Winning Design From Bottas’s 2018 Helmet Competition

Earlier this year, Bottas announced that he was launching a competition for fans to design his helmet for the 2018 season.

Well, he’s picked out a winner, and here it is:

The winning helmet was designed by Andy Werner (we’ve featured his work on the site before), who as well as getting to see Bottas wear his work this season (and possibly beyond!) will win a signed replica of the helmet.

Here’s why Valtteri chose it:

“I really like the colours and it is quite different to any other suggestions for the design. What I really liked about it is that it is different from left to right with the colours and it looks fast. That is always important.

“It is not symmetrical and I hadn’t seen that very much before with other helmet designs. It is a new season and I wanted a new helmet, so hopefully I will carry this kind of helmet for the rest of my career.”

Yeah, that definitely one awesome looking helmet. Bottas says he’s never had the same design two years in a row. If this is the design that changes that approach, we approve!

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