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Here’s What F1 Cars Of The Past Would Look Like With Halos

The news of the halo being introduced to F1 next year sparked a huge amount of debate and discussion, dividing opinion among drivers, teams, members of the paddock and fans.

Some are for the safety improvements, while others believe it will take away from F1’s DNA. People have even been trying to rework the halo to make it look a bit better.

Well, now someone’s gone and taken a look at what the halo could look like through the decades if it had been part of F1 since the very start.

It’s fair to say Mario Muth‘s past interpretations of the halo definitely don’t improve the looks of the cars, but it’s interesting to see a fan seeing what past versions of cockpit protection could’ve been.

The designs begin with a classic Mercedes, before moving onto an iconic green and yellow Lotus, a John Player Special-liveried Lotus and, finally, a late 80s McLaren.

While the classic halo concepts will certainly spark a lot of debate, it’s fascinating to see someone making designs for the past, rather than the future.

We’re not quite sure how helpful they’ll have been to improving safety, but back in those days, it would probably have been a good start.

Of course, nothing like this would’ve come to mind back in those days, especially in the early years of F1, when there weren’t even seatbelts or barriers. Let alone cockpit protection.

See more of Muth’s pictures, designs and work here. What do you make of his classic halo concepts? Leave us a comment below!

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