The switchback move is always an option for a driver positioned on the outside line on the run-up to a corner, but it’s a tricky one to complete successfully.

During race one of the Japanese Formula 3 series at the Fuji Speedway, it appears driver Yoshiaki Katayama tried to do the switchback on rival Tairoku Yamaguchi.

However, it didn’t go well, with Katayama’s car smashing into the back of Yamaguchi’s F3 machine – lifting it up into the air and scooping it onto the front nose. Both drivers spun off in the chaos.

We think it was a switchback overtake attempt, anyway, but if it was, it was a weird way of completing it. The speed difference seemed to be pretty big and Katayama’s car changed direction very quickly.

Katayama continued on and appeared to be OK, while Yamaguchi got out of his car on his own, which is the main thing.