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Here’s Who Each Driver Is Supporting In The Title Battle This Weekend

It’s undoubtedly the question of the weekend: who is going to win the drivers’ championship? Could it be Lewis Hamilton hunting down a record-breaking eighth crown, or will it be Max Verstappen wanting his first F1 drivers’ title? 

Having raced alongside them both over the season, here’s who each driver is expecting to be champion come Sunday. 


Okay, so this one is a bit of a given. Being Verstappen’s teammate, you’d hope he had Max’s back. Having said that, when asked who he thinks will take the title, it sounds like Checo nearly said Hamilton 😬 It might just be a slip of the tongue but just imagine!

Both Red Bull guys face an uphill battle to wrestle the Constructors’ Championship away from Mercedes.

Hoping to stay on the sister team’s good side, AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda is Team Max, joking that “imagine if I say a different driver, I think Helmut [Marko] ‘s got enough energy to run into me”.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel, the last non-Mercedes driver to win the title, has a very personal reason for supporting the Dutchman, to protect his hero Michael Schumacher’s records.

“Lewis can win one more, two more, three more, five more championships, it doesn’t change anything for me, and I get along with Lewis, so probably the gut says I want Max to win just to keep Michael’s record alive,” said the Aston Martin driver.

Vettel isn’t the only world champion leaning towards Verstappen. Fernando Alonso believes the 24-year-old is “driving one step ahead of everyone”, although the Alpine driver has said he isn’t picking sides.

“It’s not that I support Max. It’s that he deserves it, in my opinion. Everyone has a different opinion, but he is driving that Red Bull to another level,” he remarked.


Unsurprisingly, the seven-time world champion’s current teammate is backing him for glory.

Valtteri Bottas will be doing all he can to help Hamilton secure the title alongside an eighth consecutive Constructors’ Championship.

It wouldn’t be the best start to their new relationship as teammates if George Russell turned around and said he was backing Max for the title. Naturally this Mercedes-backed driver is all aboard the #TeamLewis hype train.

The Mercedes ties with Ocon also mean he’s firmly in Hamilton’s corner. Guess the Silver Arrows ties must run deep.


Verstappen’s former teammates Daniel Ricciardo really struggled to decide when asked his opinion, but in the end, he said he “didn’t know” but “wished them both well”.

Despite teaming up with Max for the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans last year, Lando Norris is staying in the middle.

Another former teammate of Max also thinks it’s sensible to not pick sides.

“I am not going to take a stand because I see social media so polarised and so critical. Honestly, I am not enjoying it that much. I prefer to enjoy the battle on track. Let the best man win.

“It’s a super exciting battle and for the benefit of the sport and for F1, keeping it clean. Good sportsmanship and I hope it’s a great finale.” Well said, Carlos 👏

Despite the fact that Hamilton could break his father’s record, Mick is very neutral. “We will have to wait and see,” he replied when asked who would win on Sunday.

Nikita was short and sweet with his prediction: “the best man wins”.

On what is likely to be his last F1 race weekend, Giovinazzi was thinking more about those watching the action unfold than who would be taking home the title.

“I hope that we can have a good race on Sunday because I think the people at home and here in the grandstand deserve that. The best driver on Sunday will win.”

Lance was also very reflective and gave a similar answer to Giovinazzi.

“You know as good as I do, it could be anyone. Lewis has the momentum right now, but Max is not going to go down without a fight as we saw last weekend. It’s very exciting for the sport and I am happy for everyone back home watching.”

Fellow Canadian Latifi also wanted to remain neutral and “just enjoy it”.

Although there might be a few driver names missing, it’s clear that there isn’t one clear favourite for this weekend! 

29 thoughts on “Here’s Who Each Driver Is Supporting In The Title Battle This Weekend

  • Aren’t these two very different questions? Supports (hope / wants to win) vs expecting ( what the collection of facts until now lead you to believe what will occur).

  • p.s.lewis has been cool all time.its max making lewis go wide.cuts inside where you cant..if max wins by taking lewis out ,max should be back flaged.

    • Richard Brown says:

      I hope Lewis throws Max a dummy up the outside and cuts back inside while watching Max predictably take the scenic route

  • Morgan LeJeune says:

    It’s pretty obvious the ppl saying max is dirty just got into F1 .r have short term memory loss & have forgotten what Hamilton has done to some of his own team mates. For those saying max taking out Hamilton If max takes out Hamilton then they r both out & the championship automatically would go to Hamilton.

    • I agree Completely, ppl who thunk max is driving dirty are watching only last 5 yrs where Mercedes have been dominating

      The years gone by before these hybrid era show wheel to wheel competition and some exilerating races

    • Richard Brown says:

      No if Max takes out Hamiltom, then Max would win the championship due to count back on wins. He has one more because he was gifted one after three laps in the wet behind a safety car.

  • A lot of pressure on max, if I have to choose I’ll say Lewis but I think Max will win because he’s very fast especially on straight line.

  • Simon VanLeuven says:

    Max is a hard driver. That’s why he’ll be next in line for the championship. Whether this year or another. In order to be a champ, you need to have a killer attitude. Lewis has it, Fernando has it, Vettel used to. Lando or Riccardo or even Russell lack that mental fortitude. They won’t be champions for a while. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but to be the best, you gotta break some hearts.

    • I disagree about Russell. He’s been going above and beyond the capabilities of his car. The only reason he doesn’t have a race win is Mercedes mucking it up for him.

      He didn’t have the best pace in Abu Dhabi, but neither did Verstappen. Verstappen was gifted the perfect last lap by his team and Latifi.

  • I’m quite surprised Schumacher has chosen to just wait and see. I would’ve most definitely put him in the Verstappen camp, seeing as Hamilton is only a whisker away from dethroning Mick’s father

  • I find all this stupid. Max is by far the best driver. To do what he has done in a inferior car probably put him up there with Senna. Hamilton will get a lot of praise but it’s the car not him

    • Stephen Thompson says:

      Red Bull has had the best or at least equal car most of the year. Merc has had to get their car to work with the new regulations the FIA brought in this year.

      Max is driving very well, if he could just keep it clean it would be even better!

      • Hamilton has been more dirty than Verstappen.
        He constantly pushes people wide, he doesn’t respect rules under safety car and he’s playing the victim “I had to move, so dangerous” all the time… when really, the reason he has to move is often because he doesn’t have position.

        • I really want RB to win this year and give Honda an epic send off for their final year and the amazing work they have done, but it’s people like you that makes me wished otherwise.

          • Do you know what an echo chamber is?

            Hamilton is British.
            Listening to British media, your countrymen and his fans more than anything else will convince you you’re right.

            In the meantime news from other parts of the world will point out when Hamilton is dirty just as much as other drivers. And it’s often.

          • When you say my “countrymen”, do you mean other Singaporeans? Because I’m not British, funny you just automatically assumed that. And by people like you, this is exactly what I meant: People who are imbued with such one-sided views on a team or a driver, based on a sense of nationalism and tribalism, ironically claiming objectivity and truth through your own heavily biased perception, and often infecting this sport and online space with toxicity.

          • Fair enough, do you watch the English broadcast then? They’re so quick to justify anything Hamilton does.

            I’m not from a country with an F1 driver. Hamilton was fine when he was younger, but he’s become too whiny.

  • Who’s kimi supporting haha I bet he didn’t care.
    I hope Lando wins the race whilst the two children squabble and give masi earache.
    I am amazed how many Mercedes affiliated drivers aren’t supporting lewis

    • Brandon Gordon says:

      I mean yes I wouldn’t wouldn’t speak against red Bull either they have a history of cutting drivers meanwhile Mercedes has a history of letting drivers do whatever they’d like as long as they do well in the car

    • Not a big question why merc affiliate drivers not supporting

      One Lewis has been so dominant, everyone is just happy to someone put him under such presuure

      Second the whay merc kept going for new engines to keep Wining races… With knowledge that they just have to beat 1 car (max redbull) so happily taking 5 ~10 place penalties as they wish

  • RB threw everything they had at the car for this year, if I recall, while Merc were putting efforts on next years car quite early. If Ham doesn’t win this year, he will next (or maybe George gets it in 22!)

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