Heroic: Guy does own 24 Hour of Le Mans on his Mobility Scooter – WTF1

Heroic: Guy does own 24 Hour of Le Mans on his Mobility Scooter

If you thought the Le Mans 24 hour was the toughest race of 2012 then think again. 51 year old Steve Tarrant has just broken the world record for travelling 175 miles on his mobility scooter. He was severely injured after marshaling at the 2000 Goodwood Festival of Speed, when John Dawson-Damer crashed his Lotus 63, tragically killing himself and marshal Andrew Carpenter, Steve survived but lost his leg in the accident.

He battled through heavy wind and rain to complete 830 laps of the Peterborough Arena Speedway Track, only stopping for the odd toilet break and battery change.

“Since surviving my horrific ordeal at Goodwood, I have always had a steely determination and even though I knew this was going to be extremely tough, I would not fail.

“I never once thought we would fail but have to say at 3am in the dark the enormity of this challenge was crystal clear in my mind and was fully conscious I needed to push my mind and this machine to the absolute limit. Good luck to anyone who tries to beat this record, it’s a very tall order!”

Steve still marshals over 30 events a year. A true Motorsport hero.




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