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Horner Claims Masi ‘Did Nothing Wrong’

Last week, many fans were celebrating the FIA’s decision to remove Michael Masi as Race Director. However, one figure who wasn’t joining in the party was Christian Horner.

The Red Bull Team Principal believes that the pressure to sack the Aussie wasn’t acceptable and the final race in Abu Dhabi shouldn’t have been reviewed following the FIA’s inquiry, as in his opinion Masi didn’t break any of F1’s rules.

“It’s a difficult one. It’s the FIA’s business. I think it’s harsh, I think he was in a very difficult position last year,” Horner told TalkSPORT.

“We felt a lot of the decisions went against us last year. When you look at what he has at his disposal in terms of resource, compared to what the teams have, it’s such a massive, massive difference.

“I just think there was so much pressure put on the removal of Michael, that’s not right.

“It’s done. He didn’t actually do anything wrong in accordance with the rules.”

It’s interesting as the two weren’t exactly best friends last season, especially after Horner rubbed Masi up the wrong way with his “rogue marshal” comments at the Qatar Grand Prix.

The Red Bull boss also seemed to suggest that the calls for Masi’s sacking were used to mask the fact that his team outmanoeuvred their rivals, pitting Max Verstappen under the late safety car which allowed him to overtake Lewis Hamilton for the title.

“It’s a bit of a smokescreen because when you look back at the race, Mercedes had two opportunities to pit,” Horner added.

“The driver was asking to pit on both times and they left him out. That’s what exposed them at the end of the race. Tactically we got right on the day.”

We’d love to see Toto Wolff’s reaction to that!

Do you agree with Horner’s thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

15 thoughts on “Horner Claims Masi ‘Did Nothing Wrong’

  • A donkey says to the tiger:
    – The grass is blue.
    The Rhetorical Tiger :
    – No the grass is green.

    The dispute fades and both decide to submit it to the arbitration of the lion, the “king” of the jungle. Long before reaching the clear spot where the lion was resting, the donkey started screaming:
    – Your Highness, isn’t the grass blue?
    The lion answers him:
    – Indeed the grass is blue.
    The donkey rushes and insists:
    – The tiger doesn’t agree with me, he contradicts me and I’m bored. Please punish him !
    The lion then declares:
    – The tiger will be punished for 5 years silence.
    The donkey starts jumping happily and continues its path, happy and repeating:
    – The grass is blue… the grass is blue …

    The tiger accepts his punishment, but asks the lion for an explanation:
    – Your Highness, why have you punished me? After all, isn’t the grass green?
    The lion says to him:
    – Indeed the grass is green.
    The tiger, surprised, asks him:
    – So why are you punishing me???
    The lion explains to him:

    – It has nothing to do with whether the grass is blue or green. Your punishment comes from the fact that it is not possible that a brave and intelligent creature like you could have wasted his time arguing with a madman and a fanatic who does not care about the truth or reality, but only about the victory of and his beliefs and of its illusions.

    Never waste time on pointless arguments…

    There are people like Chris Horner who, whatever the evidence is presented to them, are unable to understand. And others, also like Horner, blinded by their ego, hatred and resentment, will never wish for one thing: to be right even if they are wrong.

    When ignorance screams, intelligence is silent.

    Author Unknown

    Let’s go SLH#44!!!!!

  • He never was going to come out and say that Masi made a bad call at the end of Abu Dhabi. Masi made a conscious decision that benefited only a Red Bull driver, they took advantage of that decision and won a WC because of that decision.

  • Whinger spice seems to have forgotten, over the season, how often he has criticised directly or indirectly the race director.

  • Azfardana Ramadhan Myraldie says:

    Horner saying that its confused me because for example at article


    Except under Article 4855.12 below, the safety car shall be used at least until the leader
    is behind it and all remaining cars are lined up behind him.
    Once behind the safety car, the leader must keep within ten car lengths of it (except
    under Article 4855.13 below) (honestly this is copypaste from the fia website soo i dont have the knowlege to memorized all lol)

    & at article


    If the clerk of the course considers it safe to do so, and the message “LAPPED CARS
    MAY NOW OVERTAKE” has been sent to all Competitors via using the official
    messaging system, any cars that have been lapped by the leader will be required to pass
    the cars on the lead lap and the safety car.
    This will only apply to cars that were lapped at the time they crossed the Line at the end
    of the lap during which they crossed the first Safety Car line for the second time after the
    safety car was deployed.
    Having overtaken the cars on the lead lap and the safety car these cars should then
    proceed around the track at an appropriate speed, without overtaking, and make every
    effort to take up position at the back of the line of cars behind the safety car. Whilst they
    are overtaking, and in order to ensure this may be carried out safely, the cars on the lead
    lap must always stay on the racing line unless deviating from it is unavoidable.
    Unless the clerk of the course considers the presence of the safety car is still necessary,
    once the message “LAPPED CARS MAY NOW OVERTAKE” has been sent to all
    Competitors using the official messaging system, last lapped car has passed the leader
    the safety car will return to the pits at the end of the following lap.

  • Horner has zero credibility on this point, he spent the whole of 2021 dripping about “consistency” in decision making by the stewards and the FIA, over and over again he called for “consistency”. Then as soon as his driver benefitted from an unusual and completely inconsistent decision he seized it with both hands and is now defending it.

    I have no issue with Verstappen winning the championship, I think he deserved it particularly after Hamilton and Mercedes cheated on lap 1 with the help of another odd Masi decision. But Horner has no principles, his words are meaningless.

    I should add that the Hamilton sulk and the Wolff tantrum also showed these two up a little. The only person who came out of the whole situation well was Verstappen.

  • For me 2021 was married by MV using his car as a missile and doing a whole series of unsportsmanlike manoeuvres which caused accidents and much avoiding action by LH. So far I have heard nothing in the new rulings that is dealing with that. For Horner to say decisions didn’t go their way, I find ridiculous given that MV was causing the problem. For this reason it seems all the more galling that MV should win the WC given this. In my eyes he didn’t and LH is the deserved champion.

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