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Horner Says The FIA Are “Overtly Biased” Toward One F1 Team

I’m sure you can already guess which F1 team he is referring to, but Christian Horner has made another bold claim about the FIA’s latest attempts to tackle porpoising.

During the Canadian Grand Prix, a new technical directive permitted teams to install secondary floor stays in an attempt to reduce their porpoising. However, only Mercedes were able to react to the news quickly enough and experimented with the new regulations during free practice.

This didn’t exactly sit well with the Red Bull boss.

As reported by The Race, he said: “What was particularly disappointing was the second stay because that has to be discussed in a technical forum, and that is overtly biased to sorting one team’s problems out, which were the only team that turned up here with it even in advance of the technical directive.

“So, work that one out.”

Horner and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff have already come to blows this year, with the pair getting into a heated exchange during a team principal meeting during the Canadian Grand Prix.

According to Horner, there was an “element of theatre” in the meeting but he has continued to voice his concern with regulatory interference when it comes to porpoising, saying: “The issue with Mercedes is more severe than any other car, that surely is down to the team, that’s within their control to deal with that.”

Do you think Mercedes will be able to get back into the title fight with the new regulation changes? 

32 thoughts on “Horner Says The FIA Are “Overtly Biased” Toward One F1 Team

  • I agree with him. This is obvious. Merc just needs to fix it like everyone else and quit whining and being dramatic

  • Lane Baumgardner says:

    Hmm still crying and your leading both championships….who wants their cake and eat it too. My God this has been your teams first best chance in 8 years to sweep the whole thing and your complaining….maybe this is some type of projection on RBs part as now you don’t have the decision makers ear like you guys used too. Fair play is as alien to this man as sanity is to Joe Biden. Stop crying already Christian and enjoy your current advantage.

  • Harvey Specter says:

    Ok 2021, Rzd Bull got away with:
    – Illegal flex wing which they could modify till Azerbaijan while rules banned it 45 years ago and it should have been a DSQ
    – Max ramming Lewis off in Imola, Catalunya, Brazil, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi
    – Flapping DRS during qualy which they could happily fix in parxmc fermé while Mercedes got a DSQ!!!
    – brake test in Jeddah: normally that’s a DSQ. He got 5sec.
    – Silverstone: Max trying to ram Lewis off, it backfires and the other guy gets 19 seconds
    – Monza: Max intentionally rams Lewis out, gets lerely 3 grid penalty.
    – Brazil: max rams both of them to dow town Sao Paőlo and FIA doesn’t even investigate
    – In Abu Dhabi Max got humiliated by Lewis. Getting jumped at the start, almost rammed into in a turn, held up by Perez, each time Ham pulled a new gap. Until Masi handed the title to Max by conspiring with Wheatley and Horner

    And then Karen Horner comes and says FIA is biased to Mercedes?
    Stop the drugs Karen!

    • Jason Malcolm says:

      I agree with your sentiments but I feel you’re exaggerating Max “Ramming”
      Abu Dhabi he forced Hamilton off but didn’t “ram” him.
      Brazil again he runs wide to push Hamilton wide
      Silverstone Max just assumed Hamilton would yield but Hamilton had no reason to no matter who had the corner Lewis was inside he was always coming off better in that one. Good learning curve for Max there. (Probably why he done what he tried at Monza when he had the inside he assumed he’d carry on down the road)
      There is also nothing wrong with Perez holding up Lewis that’s racing and it’s on Lewis to get past. He would of coasted that race had MASI not created the farce at the end and handed Lewis up on a platter.
      As for the flapping DRS etc Ginger spices husband acts like the world is against RB even though they are largely favoured now.
      He is right in this instance. Regs shouldn’t get changed when every team isn’t suffering from it imo but at the end of the day Mercedes have done a good job of making the pointing that its a massive safety concern and they are already running at max height for there car so can’t go any higher with there design. Can’t redesign again now with cost caps. So reg change it is.
      I dare say that if the races were being won by a different driver/team week in week out as the new regs promised they’d of been more hesitant to make changes to it but new regs same old 1 or 2 team race for the title they want changes to bring more teams into the fold.

      • Harvey Specter says:

        I agree mate. I may have exaggerated it a bit 😂 Been having a love/hate relation with Max for a while now; You can’t deny he’s a hell of a driver, fast, talented. Unfortunately you also can’t deny he’s often been arrogant, dangerous, reckless. But I have the impression 2022 is the year where he matured. So far he’s been racing very clean and fair so if he wins I am 100% ok with that. I will however never be a fan of Red Bull as long as Karen Horner or Helmet Marco are part of it and make it the most toxic most hated F1 team in the history of the sport.

        • Jason Malcolm says:

          Could not agree with your comment more. I don’t want to see Max succeed because of the setup at RB. He has been imperious this season. I hope Ferrari sort there reliability out so we can see him and leclerc go head to head for the seaosn.

  • B-Dog The Man says:

    Horner is correct….Mercedes has way too much say in the “formula” of F1 and it has actually really ruinced the competitive aspects of the sport, since they started winning their Championships. These Championships were not earned, they were doled out by F1. Mercedes is ILLEGIT.

    • Explain how. They developed a great car in those years which is one of the main aims of the sport and hired the best driver, that is why they were successful and you hate that.

      • Ravi Teja Varma says:

        I like how you picked the easiest comment to reply to to defend mercedes. Even for an article like like you gotta defend mercedes. That’s the rule guys.

  • B-Dog The Man says:

    Mercedes determines the Setups that are in their cars, and their Setups are FAILURES…thats on them. The rules should not be changed.

  • Horner is one of the most hypercrital person in this sport. Look at last year and all the support they had from the FIA. Look at how he lied about the Mercedes performance which was never true, yet ran an illegal wing for half the season and is quiet about RB’s rocketship this year’s.

  • Talk about whining, Christian Horner is like an old woman. My opinion about him changed after watching Drive to Survive. Running to the stewards about every little thing Mercedes did, trying to undermine them. It was pathetic. A true professional would concentrate their energy on their own team’s ability, and not stoop so low as to try and get one up on Mercedes. Toto has more class and professionalism than Christian ever will.

  • Horner watch out, Toto is about to release sleeping lion,
    This lion has started praying again, as he admitted at Canadian GP

  • Gary Pickering says:

    Cry baby horner with a fake champion in his corner grow up and concentrate on the reliability of youre car not others

  • Horner does realize the FIA spent the entirety of the last two seasons trying to give Redbull the drivers championship right?

  • I take it Red Bull fan boys forget that the FIA is actually biased in favour of Red Bull in more ways than not. Now they are crying over safety rule changes because the rules they wanted are being tinkered for fairness?

    • Harvey Specter says:

      Indeed. And such a second support wouldn’t even hurt the others but it might help Mercedes; It’s clear Karen wants them to suffer 😂

  • The second floor stay didn’t help. So no. And if anyone here believes no other team would have been able to attach a metal rod and two mounting brackets in 18 hours, you are a kind of stupid so special that you cannot be helped.

    • Harvey Specter says:

      Exactly. But if you look at it all from a distance, Horner has been doing toxic marketting over all the years. He releases an accusation and his toxic troll army fanbase amplifies his vitriole on all social media. If you can get a lie repeated 1000 times, it becomes the truth. It’s crazy how many of his sheep keep claiming, Mercedes had an illegal engine, illegal rear wing. Even crazier if you realize it was Red Bull themselves who, for the 3rd time, got caught using an illegal rear wing! In the Seb era they even got a DSQ over it so they know damn well it’s illegal. Yet in 2021 they introduced one again, gained illegal advantages with it, won races because of it. And Masi, instead of DSQing them gave them a few more races time to “fix it”!! McLaren was furious. Ferrari were furious. Mercedes were furious. But that man who had FIA in his pocket now claims they are all pro Merc! 😂😂😂😂

  • Jeff Penfold says:

    Red bull just won a championship for their driver with massive help from the people in charge, now the team they beat unfairly are the favourites of said people, Horner and Marko are the reasons so many can’t stand RedBull

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