How Can You Not Love Ricciardo When He's This Good To His Fans - WTF1

How Can You Not Love Ricciardo When He’s This Good To His Fans

Thanks to his permasmile, hilarious impressions, awesome overtaking moves and generally laid back personality (among other things) you’re not spoiled for choice when it comes to reasons for liking Daniel Ricciardo.

Now there’s another thing to add to the list – he’s awesome to his fans.

At Spa he really went the extra mile for one fan, engaging in a bit of conversation and banter whilst signing her cap and posing for selfies, not once looking like he was doing it out of obligation or that he didn’t want to be there.

We can’t think of many other drivers who’d put so much effort into something so simple, and he’s given someone a memory they’ll never forget in the process.

What a dude!

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