Losing control of your car at the entry to a high-speed corner usually means you’re going to be hitting the barrier a few seconds later.

But, in the case of Gustavo Yacaman’s huge slide during the Six Hours of The Glen, he somehow managed to save the vicious moment and carry on like everything was normal.

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THE BIGGEST SAFE OF MY LIFE! – Comments below.

Posted by Gustavo "Tigrillo" Yacaman on Sunday, July 2, 2017

While jostling for position in his Oreca FLM09, a few cars got close up ahead of him through the quick Turn 3 and there was a car slowing on the apex – it looked to have had an issue.

Trying to avoid the cars caused the back end of Yacaman’s Prototype Challenge machine to step out but he caught it in epic style, and passed two cars at the same time too. His No.26 car finished third (and last) in class.