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How Verstappen Almost Bagged An Extra Point With Some Top Tier Shithousery

For those unaware of shithousery, it’s a British term used in sport, mainly football, to describe gamesmanship in a way to gain an advantage.

To explain in F1 terms, it’s Fernando Alonso being sick of getting overtaken by people going off-track that he simply drove flat out over the run-off at Russia on lap one, even practicing the move on his lap to the grid. Elite shithousery 💯

Max Verstappen has shown an incredible awareness during races this year to gain every point possible in the championship. Think back to COTA when he was talking about how Sergio Perez could be used to help him win the race and hold off title-rival Lewis Hamilton.

In Mexico, though, we saw something even more canny… I say we saw it. It wasn’t really picked up by TV or commentators who were understandably focussing on the Hamilton and Perez battle for P2.

Verstappen held fastest lap of the race until the final moments and had been on for an extra point. However, when Valtteri Bottas, who was out of the points and had nothing to lose, pitted to help his Mercedes teammate by taking the point of Max, there was surely no way he’d be able to stop the inevitable.

However, he gave it a very good go!

When Bottas came out of the pits, he was a few seconds behind Verstappen a lap down. Valtteri went about setting a quick lap with his fresh soft tyres but heading into the stadium section Max “made a mistake” and lost four seconds.

The reason I say “a mistake” is because it really wasn’t.

Verstappen’s slow final sector blocked Bottas just enough to stop him from setting the fastest lap. Top shithousery. But it didn’t stop there…

Verstappen then allowed Bottas to go by before speeding up again so the Mercedes driver would get blue flags and have to let him back through.

It worked so well that Mercedes had no choice but to pit Bottas again and find a clear bit of race track for him to attempt another fastest lap run.

It’s this kind of driving that separates the good drivers from the great drivers for me. The top drivers are always thinking about every possible way to gain an advantage, even when it’s something us fans – or even the team – wouldn’t even think about doing.

It reminds me of a moment between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in Canada where they were going side-by-side through a DRS zone. Both tapped the brakes on the straight in order to try and get DRS on the next straight. It’s a level of thinking only the very best in F1 do.

Eventually, Valtteri did get the fastest lap on the very last lap. However, had there been a late safety car or yellow flags, Verstappen would have kept the fastest lap for himself and would have got an extra championship point against all the odds.

Do you think Max will win the championship this year? Let us know in the comments. 

12 thoughts on “How Verstappen Almost Bagged An Extra Point With Some Top Tier Shithousery

  • Jessica Unicomb says:

    This is amazing. The fact that he can think to do something like this in such a high pressure situation shows that max is a cut above!!

    • Dominic Pascal says:

      He wasn’t under any pressure. Way out ion front with time to think and converse with his team. What is mo0re impressive is the Alonso and Hamilton bit mentioned in this article. Mid battle thoughts.

      • Jasper🇿🇼 says:

        Its still impressive if you’re not an elite sportsman,and saying he wasnt under pressure,thats a bit weak,weve seen leaders crash out and spin by themselves with little pressure from behind,its psychological,regardless of whether hes ten minutes in front of everyone of three seconds

        • Dominic Pascal says:

          In context, he was not under the pressure that the other two mentioned were. He was streets ahead. That’s not weak, that’s a fact. He would have very very little or no pressure as that elite sportsperson.

          • How can you say any elite sportsman would not be under any pressure when out in front thats utter bull shit , travelling at those speeds with nobody insight fetches its own pressure concentration levels have to be 100 % , obviously you’ve never competed in any form of Motorsport or any other sport for that matter , maybe F1 on the playstation ??

          • Jasper🇿🇼 says:

            If its bread and butter why have we seen lads crashing out under little pressure from behind then,if its so simple once youre seconds ahead,why dont all leaders finish,why do some make mistakes or crash out

  • IF their is any shithouse crap around its from Hamiliton and Wolf and the head steward whose proven historically to be in Mercs pocket.

  • LOL, you mean like when Hamilton tried to line up and Stack Nico Rosberg at Abu Dubai when he lost the WDC?

    Please go on you’re fascinating

  • Finally! I couldn’t believe how sky completely missed this activity. I was watching the timing screen and map and it was obvious what was going on. Very smart by Max

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