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Sexy Ladies Not Included: James Hunt’s F1 Car For Sale


If you’ve got around half a million to spare and you’re a big fan of seventies F1 playboy, James Hunt well you’re in luck! Hunt’s 1974 Hesketh 308 Formula One car is going up for auction at the famous Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.

The car that took Hunt to three podiums in the 1974 season goes on sale May 10th and is expected to make €350.000 – €650.000.



485 bhp, 2,993 cc DOHC dry-sump Cosworth DFV 90-degree V-8 engine with Lucas-metered fuel injection, Hewland FGA/400 five-speed manual transaxle, rack-and-pinion steering, front and rear wishbone independent suspension with coil springs, telescopic dampers, and anti-roll bars, and four-wheel Lockheed four-piston ventilated disc brakes. Weight: 590 kg Wheelbase: 2,570 mm

  • The first Hesketh Formula One car; one of only three built in the 308 and 308 B series
  • Driven by Formula One champions James Hunt and Alan Jones
  • Famous for Hunt’s late-race pass at the 1974 Silverstone International Trophy Race
  • Recent complete and correct restoration; successful historic racing career
  • Perfect for the Monaco Historic Grand Prix and the FIA Masters Historic Championships

Lord Hesketh’s first grand prix racing car was designed and engineered in-house by Harvey “Doc” Postlewaite (the team previously ran a 1973 March 731). Their new 308, which referred to the three-litre, eight-cylinder DFV engine that powered the car, was assembled by B.S. Fabrication Ltd. in Luton. When James Hunt first laid eyes on the car, he pronounced it simply “beautiful”. He was likewise impressed by the roomy cockpit, which had been tailored to fit his relatively large form.

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