I want it all: Red Bull Racing’s IKEA catalogue

Above is the exhaust system from a Red Bull Racing Formula One Car. But now, it’s a lamp. It’s part of the new ‘Part of the team’ collection, which sees F1 parts turned into snazzy and stylish furniture.

The pieces will be auctioned off to raise money for the ‘Wings for Life’ charity. See below for more items and a link to the catalogue.


Coat Stand made from wheel, disc and nut parts.

Glass table featuring an exhaust system.

Lamp made from various gearbox pieces.

Wall-mounted clock made from 12 front torsion spring spokes.

Mirror with brake disc frame.

Vase made from carbon rear wing element.

LED Desk lamp made from push rods.

Travel game made from Brake Discs.

Coasters made from gearbox rings.

Salt and Pepper pots from gearbox filters.

Napkin rings.

Pretty cool hey? PDF Download here.


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