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Manage Your Own F1 Team In MMO Strategy Game

Someone famously once said “The best way to make a small fortune in racing, is to start with a large one.” While owning an F1 team in real life is career suicide, you can manage one on the new iGP Manager which is also being released as an app later this year.

In iGP Manager you’ll get to hire your drivers, engineers, develop your car and technology, find the best car setups and race in real-time multiplayer, formulating the best tactics to win with your friends and opponents.

Money talks in F1, so you’ll also have to find some sponsorship for your team. You can customise your team’s livery (hopefully coming up with something a lot better than most F1 teams) and you can get even get WTF1 sponsorship on your car.

Of course the real action in racing is the races themselves, which include real-time weather streamed directly from weather stations at real-world race circuits, strategy decisions and the challenge of keeping your drivers happy with team orders.

Depending on your attention span, you can manage your team in online races with your friends with anything from a couple of minutes to full two hour races!

If it sounds like your bag, iGP Manager is available to play online now.

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