In This Video Drivers Talk About How They Avoid Accidents And Make Epic Saves

You can't plan how to save a spinning car or miss an accident up ahead, so how do drivers go about it?

We all love watching someone make an epic save or somehow miss an accident up ahead. It’s an instinctive reaction, but is there anything drivers can do to improve their odds of saving a massive slide, or sneaking past a developing incident?

In this video from ‘Safe is Fast‘ a whole bunch of drivers (including newly-appointed McLaren reserve, Lando Norris, and everyone’s hope for a Williams seat next year, Paul di Resta) talk about the thought processes behind encountering the unexpected.

Sound advice - or, you could just take inspiration from the massive pile-up at Spa in 1998 and plough into the back of an accident at full speed, Ricardo Rosset-style.