Incredible Video Comparison Of Hamilton’s 2016 And 2017 Silverstone Pole Laps

This video comparison of Lewis Hamilton’s pole positions at Silverstone from 2016 and 2017 shows the staggering speeds of the current F1 cars

Mercedes driver Hamilton stormed to a clear pole position for his home event, the British Grand Prix, and dominated the final Q3 session.

His 1:26.600 broke a new record for the quickest ever lap of the current Silverstone configuration, also having the highest average speed of any single lap of 2017 so far – at 152.168mph.

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It’s always fascinating to see two laps from different seasons compared side by side, but the difference in speed and pace between 2016 and 2017 is even more evident in this clip.

Hamilton carries so much more speed through the quick corners, and that’s contributed to him going over two and a half seconds faster than last year’s pole time.

Also, it’s awesome to watch such a stunning lap being put together.