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IndyCar Drivers Are Having A Twitter War To See Who Can Sign The Most Ridiculous Things

IndyCar really gets social media and so do its drivers. Also, the levels of camaraderie and friendship between the drivers is on a whole different level to that of F1.

Take Penske teammates, Simon Pagenaud and Josef Newgarden. Pagenaud won the 2016 championship, Newgarden the 2017 title, and are likely to be part of the title fight again this year. But instead of their rivalry taking the form of superficial compliments and subtle jabs about wiping the smile off of each other’s faces, they do ridiculous things. Like having an autograph war.

It all started when Pagenaud had a jab at Newgarden’s merchandise:

Understandably riled by this, Newgarden retaliated… by signing everything.

Yep everything. Newgarden called on Pagenaud to respond – the IndyCar autograph battle had started.

Pagenaud’s next move was to sign a showcar:

Now there aren’t too many showcars at Indianapolis airport, so Newgarden couldn’t one-up his teammate by signing all of the showcars. Instead he signed the same car… just bigger.

Then things got personal. Pagenaud got some time alone with Newgarden’s race gear, so signed his visor.

If there’s one thing you don’t do it’s touch another man’s helmet without permission, so Newgarden upped the ante – and then some.

Pagenaud has yet to respond, leaving Newgarden as the winner. But wait, what’s this? A new contender enters in the form of James Hinchcliffe!

This thing just got blown wide open. Between teammates it’s obviously just a bit of (probably staged) promotion and awareness for the series (though obviously still funny), but Hinchcliffe drives for a completely different team! Where will this end? Who will win? Who knows, but Hinch has a hunch who the loser will be:

I dunno, a whole airport covered in the signatures of racing drivers sounds pretty good to me!

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