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Interlagos Will Remain On The 2021 F1 Calendar After All

F1 has released a provisional 2021 calendar, with the Brazilain Interlagos track remaining for another year after it was reported the sport could be relocating to Rio in the near future.

The 2021 season looks set to start in Melbourne, as it has done since 1996 apart from the 2006 and 2010 season. The 2020 season was due to start in this Australian city but was cancelled due to coronavirus.

During April, there is currently a TBC slot which is understood to be for Hanoi in Vietnam.

It is believed that this slot was originally pencilled in for the Vietnamese Grand Prix but has since been changed back into a TBC, leading many to question whether the race will go ahead in 2021.

The race was finally cancelled last month, but with the recent suspension of the Hanoi chairman – a key figure for the race – the future of the event doesn’t look promising.

Both events in Spain and Brazil remain subject to contract.

2021 Provisional Calendar © WTF1


It was heavily suggested that the classic Interlagos track could be off the calendar for good in 2021, with F1 instead favouring building a new track in the Deodora area of Rio de Janeiro. 

Building this new race track would include destroying a large span of lush land, causing mass deforestation and the degradation of habits for a huge amount of animals.

Lewis Hamilton has used his platform to publicly disagree with the idea of building a new circuit.

“I was hoping I wasn’t going to get the question because ultimately my personal opinion is the world doesn’t need a new circuit. I think there’s plenty of circuits in the world that are great.

“I love Interlagos,” Hamilton continued.

“Knocking down – I don’t know all the details of it – I heard that it’s potentially going to be a sustainable race but the most sustainable thing they can do is not tear down any trees. Particularly in a time when we’re fighting a pandemic and there continues to be a global crisis around the world.”

Other notable additions include Jeddah near the end of the calendar. This new street race will be held at night next to the Red Sea of Saudi Arabia, but has drawn a lot of criticism since it was announced last week due to the history of Human Rights in the country.

Do you like the look of the calendar? Are you happy to see Interlagos back? Let us know in the comments below!

F1 Will Remain At Interlagos As F1 Reveal 2021 Provisional Calendar © XPB Images

One thought on “Interlagos Will Remain On The 2021 F1 Calendar After All

  • Fele Peerless says:

    Real shame to see tracks like Mugello and Portmao taken off the calendar as they delivered some really nice racing this season, shows that at the end of the day if tracks like France and Spain bring in the money, they are happy to keep them

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