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Introducing The New WTF1 Shop

Good news everyone! We’ve just launched our brand new store, so if you want to share your love of F1 and motorsport with a witty t-shirt, a cool keyring or even some awesome wall art then you’re in luck.

Whether it’s to wear at home or at the race track, we’ve released loads of funny shirt designs for F1 and motorsport fans to enjoy. Classic Senna quotes, Vettel’s rants or Kimi’s legendary ‘Bwoah,’ check them out here.

The official WTF1 cap will be in sale soon so keep an eye out for when it’s in stock.

There’s also circuit artwork, so you can have your favourite race track on your wall or as a coaster. Neat.

So go have a gander and we hope to see you guys wearing some of our merch at a race track soon. And because we’re so nice, here’s a cheeky discount code to get 10% off.

Use the discount code WTF10 to get 10% off in the shop.

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