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Introducing The New And YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone,

So if you’ve been following WTF1 for a while you’ve probably noticed it’s all shiny and new. If you’re checking out WTF1 for the first time, then let me explain a little more.

Back in 2010, I created WTF1, a motorsport site but one that appealed to my sense of humour and personality. Sure, there are hundreds of other pages out there but none of them really grabbed me as a fan. So while I could get all my motorsport news from pages, there was nowhere I could reminisce about old F1 teams, put my racing knowledge to the test or laugh at some of the funnier moments from races and events.

Some of you may already have noticed that the number of daily posts have shot up and there’s been more interesting and original social content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Good times.

It’s also super exciting to let you all know about our new YouTube channel, which is being headed up by Matt Gallagher who a lot of you guys may already know as xMattyG. Matt will be continuing his YouTube adventures with WTF1 and while he’ll still be vlogging about the latest happenings in F1, he’ll also be going behind the scenes at motorsport events, testing out race simulators and more!

Last but by no means least is the new WTF1 homepage, now found at Not only is there a slick new redesign, I’m happy to say that you can finally comment on the website again! So be sure to create a user account, pick your favourite driver as an affinity and get interacting.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming motorsport season with me and everyone else here at the new WTF1!


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