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Is It Time To Shake Up The Thursday Press Conferences?

Despite some funny moments, Thursday’s F1 press conference has received some criticism online as fans voice their issues with the format. This collides with the general misery painted on the faces of the drivers in attendance – barring Daniel Ricciardo, who would probably even light up a press conference announcing the end of motorsport.

The drivers are usually well-practised at giving muted, bland answers in response to most questions, some of which are designed to create conflict and be difficult. The whole concept seems to need a rethink as the general reaction, as you can see, hasn’t been great:

F1 journalists have an obligation to ask questions on behalf of the audience and harvest insight. They should want their input to be regarded as fan-sided. The solution isn’t visible as of yet, but there is a clear precedent for the format to change. Having glum sounding drivers on the eve of the first race weekend when everyone should be hyped is a bad advert for F1, and a shame if it is being caused by something that could be tweaked fairly easily.

What do you think of the official press conferences? Is it a case of specific drivers not committing because they’re wary of their words being abused? Are the wrong questions being asked altogether? Should it be a fan forum? Let us know your thoughts on what should be done below.

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