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It Looks Like A South African GP In Kyalami Could Actually Be Happening

The F1 calendar has exploded in recent years with a record-breaking 23 races this season! The likes of Miami, Zandvoort, Jeddah, and Las Vegas have all signed deals in recent years, yet there’s one major place missing from the World Championship – Africa.

F1 hasn’t hosted a race there since 1993, with 13 drivers on the 2022 grid not being alive the last time it featured on the calendar 😲

In an effort to be a truly global sport, it seems Africa is top of the to-do list. According to The Race, F1 are planning on reviving the South African Grand Prix and returning to the Kyalami Circuit. Woohoo!

Based near Johannesburg, the track previously held 21 out of 23 GPs in Africa from 1967 to 1993. Although, unfortunately, it looks like it won’t be coming back until at least 2024.

Much work is needed to upgrade the circuit to meet the FIA Grade 1 status required to host an F1 race. The circuit was redesigned in 2014 but still requires improvements, including extra run-off areas and TecPro barriers, which don’t come cheap.

Now, this news will certainly be music to Lewis Hamilton’s ears. The seven-time World Champion has been very vocal in calling for its return.

“We’re pretty much on every other continent, so why not? Ultimately, my ancestors are from there, so that’s why it is important for me,” Hamilton previously said about the opportunity of an African race.

We’re super excited to see F1 make its long-overdue return to Africa, but gutted that the drivers won’t be able to chill together at the Kyalami Ranch anymore. Honestly, we’d love to see Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel get a touch too competitive playing table tennis together 😂

Would you like to see South Africa return to the F1 calendar? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • This will be the best news in a very long time! I really hope this happens! At least I will be able to attend an F1 race without having to flying to other countries!

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