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It Looks Like We Won’t Be Getting A Chinese GP On The 2022 F1 Calendar

With the 2022 F1 calendar expected to be announced any day now, WTF1 understands that the Chinese Grand Prix is likely to be absent for a third consecutive year. With the coronavirus pandemic preventing any F1 racing at the Shanghai International Circuit since 2019, this piece of news has hit us right in the feels as we actually really like racing in China.

F1 has already promised that a 23 race calendar will happen next year, which was the plan for 2021, but you know, it’s quite an ambitious project when we’re in the middle of a global pandemic.

Therefore, instead, China’s slot will be snapped up by the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, held in Imola, Italy. There has been chatter that the Imola race could become a permanent feature on the calendar after it returned in 2020 and 2021.

As for the Chinese Grand Prix, it’s been home to many memorable moments over the years. As well as hosting F1’s 1000th World Championship race back in 2019, it’s also provided us with moments like Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat’s iconic ‘torpedo’ comments in the post-race driver room. Nico Rosberg also claimed his first F1 win there in 2012 and provided Mercedes with their first win after returning to F1 in 2010.

We always wondered what happened to those guys?

We hope to see China back on the calendar soon, especially with Miami, Qatar and Saudi Arabia being added to the calendar on multi-year deals. We hope F1 continue to have some of these fan-favourites on the calendar.

Are you sad to see China absent for another year on the F1 calendar?

9 thoughts on “It Looks Like We Won’t Be Getting A Chinese GP On The 2022 F1 Calendar

  • Matthew Dietz says:

    I personally like that China is not coming back to the calendar, it has an authoritarian oppressive government with a horrible human rights record. I didn’t like China on the calendar in the first place, not much a fan of the track really.

    • I’d be more willing to count losing China in 2022 as a political win if they hadn’t added Jeddah and Qatar in 2021. I’m not optimistic that any of the new tracks (Miami, Jeddah or Qatar) will be better than Shanghai. The only positive I see is that maybe they’ll lock in Immola now.

      • Matthew Dietz says:

        I completely agree going to the middle east is also a bad political move. I’m really hoping Miami will be a good track, as its one of like 4 races I get to see in the afternoon here in America.

        • CZ Damian Chua says:

          Then we are going to Texas and Florida where republican states are banning abortion? Not allowing transgender girls to play sports? Voting against to increase the debt limit when Democrats did it 3 times against their will during the previous administration?

      • CZ Damian Chua says:

        And we are still going to Texas pal. There’s always the misconception that the west is better than the east and the west is always right

    • Kenny Phillips says:

      Getting more Western influence into countries with oppressive governments only helps the people. Also, do you blame all of the citizens, or the government? If the latter, don’t punish the former.

    • CZ Damian Chua says:

      Then why are we going to Texas? They don’t allow women to undergo abortion and are banning transgender girls to play sports.

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