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It’s Here!: Welcome To The New WTF1

So it’s finally here! You may have noticed things look a little different here. Well WTF1 has gone up a gear but don’t worry, we’ve not gone all serious, in fact, we’ll have more F1 silliness than ever.

New photoshops, new videos and loads more features. Click below to find out everything new… and old.

What is WTF1…

So if you’re new you’re probably wondering what this is all about, right? WTF1 is an alternative look on the sport we all love, an F1 site with a difference.

The original idea was to create an F1 site in the style of a geek/tech blog. You won’t find any race analysis here, or results, this site is purely for fun F1 articles that will make you smile.

So what have you been missing? Photoshops are now the most popular feature on the site. For the past few years F1 photoshoppers have been creating masterpieces and they’ve been featured here on WTF1 since Webber’s famous Hungary celebration. All your favourite photoshop stars are still here so don’t worry!

We all love a Top Ten but you won’t find Top Ten drivers or victories here, more like Top Ten: Motorsport Epic Fails and Top Ten: Oddest Team Names.

WTF1 Video is where it all began. Rather than race highlights, WTF1 Videos are funny clips from races that feature dubbed sound effects and music, why not check them out.

What’s new…

So if you’re already a WTF1 regular you’re probably eager to know what’s new. Well where do I start?

Photoshop of the Week

Photoshop Stars (or meme’s) are great and all but sometimes you get a stand out and original F1 photoshop that deserves massive praise. Well that’s exactly what Photoshop of the Week will do. Each week (well duh!) we’ll see a new photoshop deserving enough for ‘Photoshop of the Week’ and it will feature in the sidebar for a full 7 days for everyone to see. You’ll see the first one in the sidebar now, click it to find out more.

Photoshop Challenges

Photoshopping really isn’t as hard as you think and we’ll be trying to get you involved in the F1 photoshop fun! Soon we’ll see the Photoshop Challenge, we’ll give you a helping hand on how to “photoshop” and use the best images you create on the site.


As you’ve probably noticed at the top of the page, there’s plenty of new pages. Drivers, Teams and Grand Prix pages give you a short introduction as well a link to all related posts and a ‘Top Post’ for each.

You can now view all different types of Pictures individually, whether it be 3D artwork, cartoons or paintings. Go take a look.


The WTF1 store will be coming soon. Katy has been working on some brilliant F1 Photoshop themed designs which should be ready any time soon.


The new layout is great for artwork posts, now you can view them nice and big, in good quality too. Also you’ll start to notice ‘Related Posts’ section at the bottom of each post, allowing you to view similar content.

Also don’t forget to use the Social sharing buttons to share all the F1 fun with your friends.

So here it is, go take a look around and most importantly, have fun!

A big thank you to BadgerGP, Rob and Katy for all their help with the site.

…And don’t forget to leave some comments to let us know what you think 🙂

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