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Jacques Villeneuve Predicts That Stroll Will Go To Mercedes Next Year

Everyone’s favourite former world champion is back with more controversial opinions that will make you sit up and just go, huh? This time Jacques Villeneuve is saying that Mercedes is going to hire Lance Stroll. 

1997 champ Jacques has done many things to make an impact since he left F1, including releasing an album called “Private Paradise”. However, what he’s become most well known for is just saying completely random things that everyone else thinks are completely wrong or rather controversial. He’s having fun, at least.

Well, he’s back for more and has said to Italian newspaper Libero Quotidiano what he thinks is going to happen in the F1 driver market for 2022, and it’s certainly a rumour we’ve not heard before!

“For me, [Bottas] could move to Aston Martin, instead of Lance Stroll, who would go to Mercedes,” said Jacques. “Stroll senior’s dream is to see his son win championships. He’s very close to Toto Wolff, and Toto needs a place for Valtteri. Hamilton certainly doesn’t want to have Russell as a teammate. It’s better to have someone like Bottas, who won’t bother him.”

But is there any method to the JV’s madness?

He’s right in saying that Lawrence and Toto have a good relationship. That’s one thing, right? Lance Stroll is technically on the market, too, as he doesn’t have a contract confirmed with the team either, so he’s open to moves, sort of. 

Jacques is right too in saying that Toto wants to help out Valtteri. A couple of weeks ago, Wolff said that helping out Bottas’s future was his responsibility if they don’t keep him on.

But those are just technicalities, really. Toto has also said that the 2022 Merc seat is definitely between Valtteri Bottas and George Russell, and it’s widely assumed that Lance will stay at Aston, the team his Dad has owned since 2018!

What do you think of the prediction? Let us know in the comments below. 

12 thoughts on “Jacques Villeneuve Predicts That Stroll Will Go To Mercedes Next Year

  • Why would Stroll switch teams where he has absolute job security for a better car but where he’s definitely not as stable? No way. Musical chairs don’t work when someone has a chair made out of their name.

  • Steven Bremer says:

    At first I was like WTF(1) but the more I think of this the more it makes sense. Hamilton wants nothing to do with Russel. Bottas to Aston Martin, Stroll to Mercedes, and Russel to McLaren to replace Daniel. Mclaren 2022 WCC.

  • OMFG JV…

    Here’s how I’m playing F1 Silly Season Fantasy:

    Russell to Mercedes – inevitable.
    BOTTAS TO RED BULL – because:
    Perez to AlphaTauri – CH and HM drop him, BUT he can still fight for podiums with Gasly, who isn’t going anywhere – then:

    How’s that sound?

    • Khairul Islam says:

      AlphaTauri is a training ground for young and inexperienced drivers. There’s no way Perez is going there.

  • That all seems far fetch but I believe that Hamilton doesn’t want to relive Rosberg 2.0 with Russell. Bottas is an obedient and docile teammate but he needs to go, if only for his own sake. Stroll becomes the perfect 2nd driver. Not threatening but with deep pockets. That always help. Now how could Red Bull sign Bottas after all what happened over the years between RB and Mercedes. That won’t happen ! As bizarre as it may sounds, I think that JV is on the right track this time…

  • The missing piece of the puzzle here is what does Toto Woolf get out of replacing Bottas with Stroll? Stroll is not as good as Bottas and Mercedes don’t need the money that comes with hiring Stroll. So, why?

  • As much as I hate to admit, he might actually have a point for once.

    Hamilton clearly sees George Russell as a threat, and he doesn’t want another 2016 to happen to him because “Muh image ‘n’ all dat.” Bottas is quick when he needs to be, but he also knows his place, and Stroll would likely be the same.

    The only problem with that is prying Stroll away from a seat that his father bought with his own pocket money is going to be very hard, read nigh-on impossible when you factor in the fact that Lawrence Stroll not only bought Lance the seat but also the entire team.

  • YUSUF ASHARI says:

    This can’t be real, man. I hate to admit it but pretty sure he’s improving in small increments. But is Lance really worth it to replace Valtteri? I don’t think so.

    And the title “Everyone’s favorite former world champion” should have gone to James Hunt, not Jacques Villeneuve.

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