A Tipsy Jenson Button Took Over Ted's Notebook And It Was Hilarious - WTF1

A Tipsy Jenson Button Took Over Ted’s Notebook And It Was Hilarious

Jenson Button’s final F1 race was cruelly cut short in Abu Dhabi but you could tell by his body language that he really couldn’t care less.

Fast forward a few minutes after his accident, Jenson was seen smiling with his friends and family walking through the paddock and in an interview he joked that the retirement just meant he could start the partying quicker.

Jenson Button ABu Dhabi

Well it certainly looked like he was having fun as later on in the evening during Ted’s Notebook, a clearly ‘tipsy’ Button grabbed the mic off Ted and instead made it into “JB’s notebook!”

Problem was, he hadn’t actually watched the end of the race…

I don’t know about you but I want to see a ‘Jenson’s Notebook’ after every race next year!

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