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Jewel In The Crown: The Monte Carlo Of Cars 2

Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 doesn’t just feature F1 drivers, a circuit also appears based on the famous Monaco Grand Prix track. Porto Corsa has many similar features toMonte Carlo including a harbour and a casino.

Below is a video of the introduction as well as side by side comparisons of Porto Corsa and Monte Carlo.

Below you can see the striking similarities between Porto Corsa and Monte Carlo.

Porto Corsa

Monte Carlo – The Rivage

Porto Corsa

Monte Carlo – Loews Hairpin

Porto Corsa

Monte Carlo – Casino Square

Porto Corsa

Monte Carlo – The Habour

Pixar even made some artwork for Porto Corsa in the style of the vintage Monaco Grand Prix posters.


Cars 2 is out in cinemas now and features F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton as well as Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Vitaly Petrov and Jacques Villeneuve, depending on which language you watch it in.


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