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Insanely Accurate Jordan 191 Illustration

The 1991 Jordan 191 is arguably the best looking Formula One car of all time and it’s been recreated in this awesome illustration from PJ Tierney. This ambitious project took around 80 hours to complete and if you look at the detail that went into it, you can see why.


“For a project like this I generally have 3 stages when it comes to the main illustration. The first is to draw everything flat in a grey colour, with a subtle outline on each shape to help me define everything.”


“Following that I apply lighting and shadow above the base shapes, and to finish I create the logos and place them in between the shapes and lighting so that they sit well with the overall look and don’t look “pasted on”.”


“By the end of the project I reckon I put in about 80 man-hours or so, easily making this the most complex illustration I’ve ever done. I’m quite proud of this one as I learned a lot from it, and can apply the various techniques I picked up to future projects.”191

“Michael Schumacher was my favourite Formula 1 driver when I grew up, and being Irish I had a keen interest in the fortunes of Jordan Grand Prix from the moment I started to actively follow the sport. The Jordan 191 is legendary amongst those who have followed racing for a long time, and it is a great feeling to put such effort into this tribute piece.”

Read more about this project on PJ’s blog.

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